8 Ways a Professional Dentist Website Helps You Increase Your Online Orders

Updated on October 12, 2020

An attractive and effective dentist website is more of a necessity than a nice addition to your business. A good medical website becomes an excellent lead generation tool and a valuable business assistant, helping you attract new customers and help your business grow.

In this article, we will explain in detail how the dentist’s website can help the doctor become more successful. After reading it, you will probably want to create your own website. But do not rush to spend several thousand dollars for developing your dentist website in a web studio: today, you can easily create a website for free using a modern website builder!

Creating a positive image

A good dentist’s website forms the desired image. This depends a lot on the design of your site. For example, if you decide to use a website builder to create your site, you can give a progressive Weblium website builder a try.

Each dental web template created by Weblium is thought out to the smallest detail (from the correct structure and the number of necessary pages to the perfect website design based on an in-depth analysis of the top niche sites), so you don’t have to puzzle over how to place a specific web element or what color to choose for your site’s header.

As a result, you will spend a minimum effort and time on creating your perfect website, but it will become an effective online tool that will help create the right mood, broadcast your brand philosophy and create the perfect first impression!


Attracting customers

The site helps you find new customers on the Web.

First, it collects traffic from search. If someone has heard of you somewhere and wants to find out more about your services, they will try to find you on Google. If you have a website, a person will immediately find it, visit it and, possibly, decide to contact you.

Secondly, you can promote your website on the Web. Having a site opens up great opportunities for online promotion: SEO, contextual advertising, buying links, etc. All these measures bring new customers and increase your profits.

Remember: Google automatically promotes sites with high-quality content, attracting an already motivated audience. If the information fully reveals the topic, then Google shows it first. By investing in the creation of high-quality content, you attract interested visitors to your site every day without advertising costs.

Providing relevant information

You’re offering a new service, testing a new promotion, or changing the prices? Then use your website to alert all your potential customers in no time!

The site helps your visitors to explore your biography, education, and work experience, find out about your significant achievements, current prices, work schedule, read reviews of your previous customers, useful articles, find answers to frequently asked questions. In all, a website is a perfect communication tool!

Directing the visitor to the target action

An important advantage of the site is the ability to direct the visitor to taking the targeted action using simple and clear navigation on the site.

The website structure and navigation determines whether the user will find the information he is interested in, how quickly he will be able to do it, and whether he will find ordering your services easy.

The website structure and navigation is called successful if the user can find the necessary information in 2-3 clicks.

Marketing functions

The site allows businesses to use dozens of online marketing tools, from targeted advertising to email newsletters. The website makes it more convenient, simple, and efficient to conduct marketing activities on the Web (polls, questionnaires) and analyze their results (like monitoring traffic statistics, the number of orders, and other indicators).

All that helps you to know your audience, its needs, and expectations better.

By the way, Weblium offers a huge number of marketing and analytics tools that can be easily connected in one click right in the admin panel of ​​your dentist website.

Quality photos and videos

Add to your website some high-quality photos or even videos showing the interior of your clinic, the equipment you use, your staff. This always helps to build trust!

Booking an appointment online

In addition to adding all your contacts to let your customers get in touch with you (as well as location map), the site will allow you to add a web form that will help a potential customer to quickly book an appointment in one click. Also, you can offer your customer to leave his phone and call him back at his most convenient time.

You can «send» your patients to the messenger (for example, Telegram) and continue the discussion there if it is more convenient for your customer.

Positioning yourself as an expert

Creating a collection of interesting articles not only attracts users who want to know more but also contributes to your brand awareness.

This is how you can form your positive professional image, showing yourself as a doctor, who has a successful experience and is willing to share it with others. This increases confidence in your brand and helps to increase your online orders!

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