7 Steps To Launching A Cannabis Dispensary

Updated on November 1, 2022

A cannabis dispensary is a business that sells cannabis and related goods to individuals for medical and recreational needs. Running a dispensary can be rewarding since cannabis products are profitable. Therefore, moving in this direction allows you to generate sales and huge profits.   

But compared to other types of businesses, launching a successful cannabis shop is more challenging. Apart from the strict guidelines, there’s also stiff competition since most entrepreneurs have already moved in this direction.   

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Meanwhile, here are seven essential steps to follow when launching a cannabis dispensary:   

  1. Establish A Business Plan 

If you want to launch a marijuana shop, the first step is to establish a business plan. This document provides a structure for your cannabis dispensary and lays out your growth plans for the coming years. In simple terms, a business plan details your company’s goals and how you intend to reach them. Therefore, it acts as a guiding tool.  

A business plan can also assist you in identifying critical areas that require additional capital to maximize the potential of your business. Hence, it provides guidance if you plan to seek external financing through means such as bank loans or investor partnerships. Most of these parties will likely want to see your business plan before they can accept to support your firm financially.   

  1. Organize Your Finances 

After you’ve created a business plan, you need to organize your finances. This includes determining the capital you’ll need to run your business. To keep your finances organized, it’s best to identify the allocation of money for other expenses like rent, wages, and overhead costs, such as purchasing different tools, furniture, and equipment.   

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Keep in mind that the state requires all new applicants to provide proof of capitalization and cash before being awarded an operating license. Therefore, you can’t launch a successful cannabis dispensary without organizing your finances. It’s essential to ensure you’ve got the financial requirements to help get your marijuana shop off the ground.  

You can implement various strategies to finance your cannabis shop successfully. These include applying for loans, seeking government grants, financial aid from relatives and friends, searching for sponsors, disposing of personal assets, etc.   

  1. Choose The Right Location  

The success or failure of your marijuana dispensary will depend on your choice of location. For that reason, ensure you find a strategic location to help connect with more customers. On the other hand, finding a suitable one can sometimes be challenging since you must follow additional regulations.  

For instance, you won’t be allowed to establish a marijuana dispensary near a church, school, or other public or community facility. That said, there are two options for finding a location for your cannabis dispensary—you can either build or rent a space. Overall, ensure your shop is accessible to your targeted customers.   

  1. Select Your Legal Structure  

You can choose one of the four legal entities: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, and corporation. A sole proprietorship can be ideal if you wish to own the shop solely. However, if you want to own it with others, you may choose the partnership entity.   

On the other hand, a corporation is a structure that allows your shop to be recognized as a legal person in the eyes of the law. For instance, it can sign contracts, hire employees, and do many other things under its name. Besides, corporations pay taxes through their names rather than a single person.   

Lastly is the limited liability company. A company with this structure has partnership and corporation characteristics. For instance, it pays tax under its name while protecting partners or owners from certain financial obligations.   

  1. Register And Obtain Licenses 

The government requires every business owner to register their company with the state before serving customers. Therefore, register your cannabis business to ensure you comply with the law.  

Additionally, registering your marijuana dispensary can help you attract more customers. When they find out your shop is registered, this can help you earn their trust. Gaining your customer’s confidence is crucial to the long-term success of your business. It increases your chance of making new connections while earning your customer’s loyalty.  

Meanwhile, after successfully registering your company, you’ll be awarded a master’s license, which shows that your dispensary has been legally established. From there, you need to obtain other permits related to your marijuana shop. Remember to get all the paperwork or documentation in order.   

  1. Hire The Right Team 

Workers will play an integral part in the growth and success of your cannabis dispensary. They’ll assist in running your shop by completing related tasks like marketing, accounting, selling, etc. However, it’s best to work with the right team.  

You can adopt various strategies to find the right team for your cannabis shop. One of them is to partner with recruiting agencies. These firms are experts in screening and finding potential candidates for job postings. Therefore, working with them can help you find the right team members. 

Another effective strategy for finding the right team is to utilize staff recruitment software. This is a computerized tool that helps streamline your recruitment process. For instance, it helps eliminate non-suitable candidates during the job application stage. As such, you’ll only interview suitable candidates, increasing your chances of hiring a good team.   

  1. Take Your Shop Online 

Finally, it’s crucial to take your cannabis business online. And one of the best ways to achieve that is by creating a website. With a website, you can connect with customers globally. In addition, it enables you to serve clients 24/7. All these ensure you generate enough sales and profits to run a successful dispensary.   


Nowadays, cannabis products are in high demand across the world. Therefore, you can start selling these products to build your wealth. But while that’s the case, creating a cannabis business isn’t easy, considering all the tasks that need to be accomplished. By following the steps above, you can be guided to launch a successful dispensary.