7 Health Protocols To Adhere To During Large Corporate Events  

Updated on March 17, 2022

During the lockdown, government health institutions implemented strict COVID protocols to control the spread of the virus. The restrictions led to the cancellation of physical events and the utilization of online platforms.  

As the world approaches the new normal, hosting large corporate events starts to resume. You can now set aside webinars to attend face-to-face seminars. However, event hosts should still follow specific guidelines to guarantee everyone’s safety.  

Here are seven health protocols to adhere to during large corporate events.  

  1. Testing  

Despite mass vaccination, complacency should not be a choice. The virus is still here and can still infect even those vaccinated.  

Ensuring everyone gets tested should be imperative before attending a large corporate event. Providing an at home covid test to each participant a day before the occasion is best to determine whether someone can attend physically.  

If some expected participants test positive, it’s recommended to get an RT-PCR test to validate the results further. As the host, you may set up other ways to let them join the event virtually to keep everyone safe.  

  1. Offering Online Participation  

Offering virtual options for an event is essential for those who can’t join physically. Some participants may test positive or develop symptoms before the event, so participating via an online platform is a convenient choice.  

Proposing the choice of participating online is also a better option for participants who are immunocompromised. COVID impacts everyone differently based on how their body reacts to the virus. So, to be safe, they should be given a chance to join virtually.  

Moreover, offering online participation prevents overcrowding. Even though everyone in the event tests negative, safety precautions are still required.  

  1. Wearing Face Masks  

For some regions, wearing face masks is optional, especially in open spaces. However, large events pose a higher risk of infection, so getting everyone protected is crucial.  

Proper wearing of face masks reduces COVID transmission. Despite the high vaccination rates, you should still adhere to safety measures. Because of the impossibility of a one-meter distance, a layer of extra protection is necessary in holding a large indoor event or an outdoor one.  

To further encourage wearing face masks at the event, giving away free masks at the entrance would be helpful. You may distribute customized cloth masks with your business logo to create uniformity.  

  1. Choosing An Outdoor Venue  

Open spaces are safer than indoor venues. A place with good ventilation is the perfect setting for large corporate events to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety.  

Choosing an outdoor venue for an event can make face masks optional as long as physical distancing is maintained. Since the place provides proper natural ventilation, it lowers the risk of contaminant and virus concentration in the air.  

If the weather condition in your area makes an outdoor event unsafe, see to it that the selected indoor venue has proper ventilation.   

  1. Reducing The Seating Capacity  

Reducing the seating capacity, especially for an indoor venue, is a must. Aside from maintaining the one-meter distance for each attendee, it helps lessen the accumulation of virus particles in the area.  

To effectively reduce the seating capacity of a venue, create a proper layout. Make sure everyone can still actively participate regardless of the distance and extra precautions. Additionally, you may utilize large LED screens and a theater-quality sound system to maintain everyone’s attention.  

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Another way to effectively lessen the venue’s capacity is by providing flexible options for participants. You may offer them an opportunity to join online or participate via live stream. This way, more people can attend the event without risking their health and safety.  

  1. Encouraging Vaccine Updates  

Getting vaccinated is the top recommendation to keep people safe from COVID. Even though fully vaccinated people can still get infected, the effect of the virus is limited to mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.  

Before the event, you can send a thoughtful reminder about vaccine updates. You can limit the physical participation to fully vaccinated individuals as well.  

Although getting vaccinated is a personal choice, keeping everyone safe and healthy is a social responsibility. Encouraging your participants to get vaccinated is one way to show your concern for their well-being.  

  1. Distributing Hygiene Products  

Apart from providing free face masks, distribute hygiene products, like alcohol, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizers during the event. With these products, no one will have an excuse to disregard proper hygiene protocols.  

You can offer hygiene products at the entrance. Alternatively, put them together in an elegant drawstring pouch or a goodie bag with selected giveaway items and place the bag on each seat beforehand.  

Giving out practical items like hygiene products is an excellent choice that will make your participants feel cared for. Since these gifts will be usable even after the event, they serve as a lovely reminder of what they’ve learned and experienced at the event.  


Adhering to health protocols helps keep the risks more manageable in the future. When everyone is safe and healthy, opportunities for more interactive and large-scale events will open up.