6 Helpful Services For Seniors Living At Home

Updated on June 10, 2022

As we get older, it becomes more difficult to handle certain tasks without the aid of someone else. As our physical health deteriorates, getting out and about can be much harder too. If this is the case for you or an elderly relative that you care for, then it’s important to note that there are a number of helpful services available which can make life that little bit easier in old age. To give you an idea of what sorts of things are available, we’ve put together this list of six services to consider for yourself or for the elderly people you take care of. 

At-Home Carers

The most common form of assistance that seniors will take advantage of is that of at-home carers. Doing odd jobs around the house and generally taking care of yourself can become incredibly hard once you start to lose mobility. Whether you need minor assistance getting around the home with a walking stick or a frame, or if you’re permanently in a wheelchair, a carer visiting your home can make a huge difference to your quality of life. Suppose you are the one that usually takes care of an elderly relative. In that case, this can be a perfect addition to the routine, as this carer will allow you some time to get on with other important tasks in your life, such as going to work, doing your shopping, or just so you can take a break. 

House And Pet Sitters

Suppose you’re going to be leaving your home for a prolonged period of time and are beginning to have trouble with your memory. In that case, it’s easy to develop anxiety over things like leaving doors and windows unlocked or the oven on. A house sitter can allow you to pop out for any length of time without having to worry that things are going wrong at home. You can also get yourself a pet sitter instead who will both take care of your home and your pets. Our pets can be very helpful, providing us with comfort and companionship in old age, and they must be looked after properly. Hiring a house or pet sitter will allow you to spend some quality time out and about with your loved ones without you feeling the need to rush home. 

Gardening Services

Our gardens can truly be a place of solitude and peace but keeping them in a state that makes them pleasant to be in is no easy task. If you struggle to get around, let alone kneel down and stand back up for weeding tasks and other similar garden jobs, then it’s understandable that your garden will start to fall into disarray. Hiring someone to deal with this job instead will be very beneficial for you, allowing you to enjoy your garden while also contributing to it at your own pace without it getting out of hand. It also removes the task from your family’s schedule, who would otherwise have to spend time doing it.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Hospital and doctor visits tend to increase as we get older, whether those are appointments for specific problems or simple, regular checkups. However, getting to those appointments isn’t always easy, so finding a service that can take you to your doctor or provide you with transport to hospital is very useful. Companies such as EMA Patient Transport offer a dedicated private service to those that need assistance getting to the hospital. They will provide transport back to a home or care home too. This makes it so you can always be certain that you’ll be able to make it to your appointments without worrying about finding someone to give you a lift or taking public transportation.  

Handyman Services

Another useful service that you could benefit from is having a personal handyman available to take care of odd jobs around your home. This could be everything from fixing a chair to changing your lightbulbs. These odd jobs become less like chores as we get older and more like insurmountable challenges. Simply the thought of having to handle these things can be enough to wear us out, but knowing that you have someone on standby who can pay you a visit every so often to make these repairs to your home can be very calming.

Technical Support

Something else that becomes more challenging as time goes on is the addition of new technologies to our lives. You might find you’ve just about got the hand of one device, only to find a brand-new one in your life. Gaining the confidence to use new technologies isn’t easy, but there are plenty of ways in which you can begin attuning your mind to these new, seemingly confusing devices. And one way of doing that is by utilising the assistance of tech experts. They will be able to visit your home and show you how to use your new devices, providing you with simple and easy-to-follow guidance.