5 Ways To Maximize The Potential Health Benefits Of CBD


Why isn’t CBD working for me? 

I tried CBD, but I didn’t feel anything.  

Is CBD a scam? 

These are among the common complaints about CBD. People spend their hard-earned money for lab-verified, high-quality CBD products and expect satisfying results, but after hours of waiting, they don’t experience any changes. 

If you’ve tried CBD products without getting a proper outcome, then you should know that you’re not the only one. However, it doesn’t mean that the CBD industry is a scam. 

Here are some strategies you can use to ensure that you’ll fully enjoy the benefits of CBD as quickly as possible: 

  1. Buy From A Reputable Source 

Due to the unregulated nature of the CBD industry, there’s always the possibility of purchasing a counterfeit product. Up to 70% of CBD oils and products online have been mislabeled in terms of the CBD amount listed on their packaging. Some don’t even contain any CBD ingredients at all. 

That’s why you need to do your homework before buying a CBD product. Look for any evidence of third-party lab tests. You also want to read consumer reviews for the product’s effectiveness. 

It’s advisable that you choose CBD products and get CBD discounts from well-established and trustworthy brands. 

  1. Follow The Manufacturer’s Directions 

This might be a bit obvious, but not everyone does it— read the dosage instructions and the proper way of consuming the CBD product. This is especially crucial if you’re taking oral or sublingual CBD oil. 

A lot of people just open the box, add a few drops into their mouth, and swallow. Then, they become disappointed when they don’t notice any immediate effect. Doing so only makes the oil ‘slide’ down your esophagus and into your digestive system, where your body takes time to process and absorb the active compound. 

Thus, it’s important that you don’t swallow the oil immediately. Keep the tincture under your tongue for at least 30–90 seconds before swallowing. Since the tongue’s sublingual area is loaded with salivary capillaries and glands, holding the tincture there for longer can give the body time to absorb the compound into the bloodstream. 

  1. Choose Full-Spectrum CBD Products 

If you want to get the most out of CBD products, then always choose full-spectrum CBD over CBD isolates. With full-spectrum CBD, all active cannabis compounds are included in the product, while CBD isolates are pure cannabidiol. 

Before 2015, CBD isolates were thought to provide better benefits due to their purity. In recent years, however, most experts agree that a full-spectrum CBD product is more effective than a CBD isolate. This is because of what’s known as the ‘entourage effect,’ which is when the terpenes, cannabinoids, and fatty acids in full-spectrum CBD interact with the body in order to offer more potential health benefits than any other component used individually. 

  1. Getting The Right Dose 

Figuring out the proper dosage of CBD can be tricky. However, it’s the key to maximizing its effects and benefits.  

To find the right dosage, you first need to consider whom the CBD product is meant for. The heavier you are, the higher your starting dose can be. Similarly, you want to consider whether you want a high, moderate, or mild effect. For instance, if you’re taking CBD for mild nausea, you need to take less compared to if you’re taking it for more severe pain. 

If you’re still unsure, feel free to start with a small dose. Then, work your way up to what may work best for your condition. Most adults can safely take 10–20 mg of CBD oil per day. It’s also advisable to talk to your doctor in order to prevent mistakes with dosage. 

  1. Try Inhaling CBD 

CBD oil needs to reach your bloodstream in order for you to feel its benefits. One of the best methods you can try to get its active ingredients into your system instantly and in a high concentration is inhalation. 

When you inhale CBD, it bypasses the digestive system and gets absorbed in the lungs. Your lungs are made up of millions of alveoli surrounded by tiny blood vessels. When blood cells pass through the lungs for oxygen, CBD is also transferred from the alveoli into your bloodstream and then to your endocannabinoid system. Inhaling CBD, therefore, results in a faster effect compared to other consumption methods. 


It can be frustrating to purchase something only to find out that it doesn’t work the way you expect it to. Hopefully, with the above tips, you can now maximize the possible therapeutic benefits of your preferred CBD product.  

With that said, it’s important that you consult your doctor before using any CBD product that may interfere with your current medication or have a significant impact on your health. 


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