5 Ways to Improve Your Prostate Health

According to the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among men in America. This is just but one of the many prostate health issues that affect men, sometimes quite severely. Now, high-fat and high-sugar diets are believed to be the leading cause of prostate health issues among men. In other words, it is crucial to adopt a healthy diet lifestyle. Yes, you should be aware that lifestyle dietary habits have a huge impact on your prostate health. So, let us give you a few tips you can use to maintain good prostate health. 

Take green tea

Green tea is a beverage that has been consumed for centuries across the world and it has tons of benefits. Scientific evidence has found that green tea has the following compounds that have healthy benefits: 

  • Epicatechin
  • Epigallocatechin-3-gallate 
  • Catechin
  • Xanthine derivatives

Well, researchers found a decreased risk of prostate cancer among men who consumed more than five cups of tea a day. You can add green tea to your routine by drinking a cup each morning in place of your regular tea. It can help improve your prostate health among other benefits. 

Watch what you eat

Proper diet can help contain or prevent prostate issues such as Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH), common among men over sixty years. It has been found that your diet is a risk factor for BPH due to the effect certain foods have on your hormones. 

Some studies have found that a diet lacking in vegetables can even lead to certain forms of cancer, particularly prostate cancer. Try to add the following foods into your regular diet to reduce the risk of BPH and related prostate issues.

  • Sesame seeds
  • Salmon
  • Avocadoes
  • Citrus fruits 

You should also try to avoid red meat, dairy products, caffeine, and alcohol while at it. 

Use proven supplements 

Diet is fundamental in preventing prostate diseases but at times you need supplement support. You can use proven supplements like ProstaGenix in conjunction with other approaches to help improve your prostate health. They can help give you a better urine flow, reducing the tendency to go and pee at night, etc. That said, ensure you only use proven products to avoid other health issues. 

Avoid stress

Stress has been shown to have a negative influence on your BPH symptoms. High levels of stress and anxiety can impair the body’s immune system. That will reduce the ability of your body to fight off diseases. If you are diagnosed with any prostate health issues, reducing stress and anxiety is the first critical step into improving your condition. It can also help slow the progression of early prostate cancer. 

Exercise and keep fit

Being overweight or obese can lead to an enlarged prostate. In turn, this will contribute to a hoard of other health problems that may include prostate cancer. One simple way to prevent all these health challenges is through exercising. Good exercises help burn excess calories in your body and help you stay fit and strong. As a result, your immune system will be stable to fight disease. You will also get to avert the urinary problems that have been linked to obesity like urinary incontinence.

Final thoughts:

Prostate diseases have been on the rise in recent years and research has associated the trend of bad dietary habits and lack of exercise, among other reasons. It is thus important to understand the foods to consume and ways to stay fit and keep your prostate healthy. 

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