5 Smartwatches that Will Help You Stay in Shape During the Holiday Season


Christmas and New Year holidays are some of the events in life where people gather with their family and friends. When it’s the holiday season, most people expect to have fun, enjoy the presence of their loved ones, and especially to eat lots of foods. So the question is, how do you stay in shape during the holiday season?


There are various kinds of gadgets, tools, and equipment used to improve health and fitness. One of the most popular devices nowadays is the smartwatch. When you’re the type of person who’s conscious about their health and fitness, then grabbing one of these authentic watches would help you improve your working capacity.

Smartwatches still have their primary function. But in today’s generation, most of them already have a fitness tracker. You wouldn’t know, but what you’re wearing on your wrist might help you determine or understand well your workout routine. Here’s a list of smartwatches that could help you track your health and wellness.

The Apple Watch Series 5

There are several authentic watches available in the market today that proved to be really helpful. But when it comes to the Apple watch series, then you’re looking at a different league. When you hear the brand Apple watch, then it’s given that it will provide quality and performance excellence.

Apple watch series proved to be one of the most popular and in-demand smartwatches in today’s generation. The fifth edition of the apple watch series always provides on-screen and compass features. So it makes tracking workouts more seamless than before.

The Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa is also one of the most well-known smartwatches up to this day. This type of smartwatch is suitable for fitness enthusiasts who want something that looks good on them while doing their daily workout routine. In addition to that, the Fitbit Versa is also one of the most stylish fitness smartwatches in today’s generation.

The Polar

Since 1977, Polar has been making heart-rate monitors for its customers. Elite coaches and players from any sports use this type of smartwatch to track their daily performance. Features such as recovery advice, built-in fitness test, and record specific sport training schedules are some of the reasons why Polar is successful.

Aside from its unique features, the Polar also has the standard features of a smartwatch such as alarms, social media notifications, time, alert for calls, and messages. In addition to that, this type of smartwatch also has GPS technology. So it has the accuracy to track distance and routes without using your smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

No smartphone? No problem. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has a bigger screen than the previous models. This time, it works perfectly in offices and especially in gyms. This type of smartwatch automatically marks seven workout routines while you can also manually select dozens of methods in the settings.

Other than that, the Samsung Galaxy Watch active two also has the basic features of a smartwatch, such as tracking your heart rate, sleeping hours, and many more. When it comes to durability, it’s a military-grade watch model.

The Garmin

The Garmin smartwatches are suitable for beginners to serious athletes. It can be a tracker for all sporty types. But this brand is popular with swimmers and cyclists who know their stuff when working out. Several features of this watch proved to be useful for most athletes as it can measure the oxygen consumed per minute per kilo of bodyweight.

One model of Garmin, the Vivoactive 3, is one of the best smartwatch models in the market in today’s generation. It doesn’t just proactively track your performance but it also monitors your heart-rate and location.


Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about having the most expensive smartwatch to track your health and wellness. But it’s about having the right daily workout routine with the proper diet. In addition to that, having the right choice of a smartwatch to track your daily performance enhances the chances of having a healthy and productive life.

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