5 Benefits Of Live-In Care At Home Over A Residential Care Home 

Updated on May 22, 2023

Are you or an aging loved one finding it hard to manage at home? It is frustrating when day-to-day activities become challenging as you get older, whether this is simply due to aging or a health-related issue. In addition to being frustrating, it can also be dangerous as someone that struggles with daily activities might not be able to look after themselves. Additionally, trips and falls can be common in seniors when they struggle with mobility. In these situations, care is the best solution, and you might find that live-in care at home is better than moving into a residential care home. Read on to find out why.

1. Less Upheaval

One of the most obvious benefits is that there is less upheaval. Moving to a residential care home can be massive when you factor in selling the current property, packing everything up, moving, and then unpacking. For many seniors, the upheaval of moving from home into a residential care home can actually see them deteriorate faster

2. One-On-One Care

Another key benefit of live-in care at home is that you can benefit from one-on-one care. In a residential care home, you will be looked after by a team, and this has its benefits, but you will not get the level of personalization and connection that you get with live-in care at home. Your caregiver will quickly get to know your needs and personality so that they can provide the best level of care for you.

3. Companionship

Leading on from this, live-in care can provide seniors with much-needed companionship. Isolation can be a major issue for seniors, especially those that live alone. Friends and family cannot visit all the time, but a live-in carer will always be around for companionship and social connection, and this can make a massive difference to your mental well-being. A live-in carer will be able to help you to engage in daily activities as well as provide important emotional support during what can be a challenging time. You can visit alinahomecare.com to find live-in carers that will be able to provide a high level of care and companionship at home.

4. More Affordable

Live-in care can be the more affordable option as well, especially if you have complex requirements or are in need of a high level of care. Residential care homes can be hugely expensive, especially with the cost of moving on top. 

5. Same Environment & Lifestyle

One of the biggest benefits of live-in care is that you are able to stay in your current environment. Many people do not want to move at this stage in life, especially to a care home and this is understandable. With a live-in carer, you can stay put and enjoy living in the same environment and maintain the same lifestyle that you want while still getting the care, support, and companionship that is needed. 

These are the main benefits of live-in care over a residential care home. Overall, live-in care is a lot less disruptive and allows an individual to stay in their home where they will feel comfortable while still getting help with the activities that they struggle with and companionship, which could give them a new lease of life. 

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