4 Ways Stairlifts Can Improve The Quality Of Life

Updated on July 19, 2021

When you age, it’s normal for your mobility to decrease. If you’ve got aging family members at home with you, you’ll find that this is true indeed. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to have better care for aging loved ones. You can give them better mobility and quality of life while at home through this device known as a stairlift. 

If you’ve got stairs in your house, typically, you’ll want to keep your aging family members on the ground floor. But, while this is ideal, it’s not also always that possible. You may not have an extra room on the ground floor to convert as their room. Then, building that added room will be very expensive. A cheaper alternative, instead, is to have a stairlift from companies like South Wales Mobility installed. 

That said, how can a stairlift improve quality of life? Here are the ways: 

1. Increased Freedom 

No matter how much you’d like to be there for your aging loved ones 24/7, there are just instances when this isn’t possible. For instance, you’ve got a job to report to and young children to take care of. 

If your senior loved ones have difficulty moving around, but aren’t quite old enough to require a home care nurse to be with them consistently, it can limit their freedom, especially when they’ve got to be confined to just one room. 

Installing a stairlift can give these seniors increased freedom. They can go about the house, going through their daily routine, with much more ease. Plus, it also gives them a sense of independence. Many seniors don’t like having to be followed and assisted around too much, as it not only reduces their freedom, but it’ll also make them feel useless. 

2. Provides Safety 

Of course, one of the top most ways that stairlifts can improve the seniors’ quality of life is that it provides added safety. You can worry less about them meeting untoward accidents because of having to go up and down the stairs on their own. If left that way, the risk is really high, as they can fall over and sustain injuries that can even be fatal. 

Seniors already go through so much adjustments in their body as it is. They’re obviously physically weaker because of decreased functioning in their muscles and joints. Hence, even a simple task such as walking and climbing stairs can be difficult for them to do. 

Using a motorized chair on the stairlift to travel from one level of the house to another can significantly reduce the risk of injuries. Even a simple mistake such as missing one step can lead to a broken hip. For weaker seniors, this is a major problem. 

You wouldn’t want your senior family members to suffer from physical injuries in this season of their lives when they’re getting weaker. It can make their quality of life even worse when they have to recover from the injuries.  

3. Element Of Comfort AdobeStock 296367477 scaled

When it’s too painful, taxing, and uncomfortable for seniors to go up and down the stairs by themselves, you need to go for another option: the comfortable stairlifts. 

It may look like it’s just basic and dangerous, but stairlifts are actually built to be extremely safe for use and comfort too. You’ve got that guarantee that using the stairlift is the more comfortable way to move around than to have to walk by themselves. 

First off, there are many parts of the chair that’s adjustable, so these can be tailored to the body of the user. It also has padded armrests and seat to increase comfort. 

4. More Affordable 

One’s quality of life also improves mentally and financially when you don’t have to feel burdened by heavy bills and big moves. Installing a stairlift is a more economical choice when compared with having to pack up and move to a one-level home or an assisted living facility or building a guest room. 

Plus, the seniors can still enjoy the comfort of home, without that disruption of uprooting and moving from one home to another.  


Apart from the comfort, it brings, adding a stairlift to your home is a good way to ensure the safety of senior family members. Surely, you wouldn’t want them going up and down the stairs when their mobility is already poor. While an added expense, it’s safe to consider it as worth it, if the comfort and safety of your dear loved ones are at stake. Now that you’re convinced of its merits, all you’ve got to do is to sign up for your trusted company to install one.