3 Easy Steps To 100% Pure Wig Maintenance

Updated on November 25, 2020

You’ve finally become a wig-fan. And about time, at that! In a previous blog, we’ve mentioned the benefits of having your own wigs from KennysLuxuryHair.com. From their eye-popping aesthetic to how they’re practical BFFs as you use them to care for the health of your actual hair, these hairpieces are the bell of the ball indeed.

Now, we’ve talked to wig specialists to get you a shortlist about how you can maintain faux locks like a pro. 

1. Comb And Brush: The Perfect Duo 

Just like how you show love and care to your crown of glory through delicate combing and brushing, the same is to be expressed on wigs. Remember, they’re made with fine strands and get tangled up in the same manner your natural locks do. 

So, simply untangle them through gentle, downward motions. First, with a big-toothed comb. Next, with a hairbrush. A big-toothed comb will get rid of those nasty tousles and the hairbrush will smoothen the hairpiece even more. 

By the way, don’t go for regular brushes. Purchase ones that are meant for hairpieces.

2. Wash-A-Ma-Call-It

Second on the list? Washing. 

In a bowl of COLD water, pour a minimal amount of wig shampoo (regular shampoo is a no-no) and let the wig sit in the solution for a couple of minutes. After, lift it from the bowl and every-so-lightly press it only to let a few droplets of water out (using your index finger and thumb). And do the same, inch by inch of the weave.

NO wringing, please! 

Following this step is conditioning. Apply a thorough amount of conditioner (regular hair conditioner is okay) on the wig and leave it on for about 5 to 7 minutes. Lastly, rinse it in a separate bowl of cold water, conduct the same light-pressing as above mentioned, and affix it on a wig stand. Allow it to dry naturally. 

Warning: Never use electric heating devices on wigs (i.e. hairdryers, curling and/or flat irons, etc.) because heat is among the major causes of fibre damage in wig strands.

Also, shampooing should be done every 25-wears. And conditioning, every few weeks. This cycle will keep the wig from losing its weave and shape while exuding that bounce and shine a la natural tresses.

3. Will The Real Wing Stand, Please Stand Up? 

Wig stands are going to be your hairpiece’s partner in crime. Whenever your wig isn’t on your head, it’s to be on its stand. 

Plus, stands are tools that will help wigs “fall” naturally and maintain their overall shape. It’s also a way to stop strands from coming loose, ultimately unravelling the weaves of the headpiece. 

Moreover, doing so permits it to “breathe” when it’s not being worn. Breathability plays a major role in retaining that “fresh” appeal of a wig. This will also work wonders in not trapping heat and odour. So, win-win.

And let’s not forget how a trusty stand will aid you loads in styling your wig. Whenever you feel like curling its strands, flat-ironing them, adding hair accessories, and the like, you can do what you will with your headpiece no-sweat, as long as it’s rested on a wig stand.

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