3 Benefits And 3 Disadvantages Of Buying From Online Pharmacies

Updated on January 31, 2023
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Today, online pharmacies and other health sites have emerged as the popular way for people to boost their lives. As more people use these sites to find information about their health, some also visit the internet to buy medication.   

This article walks you through some advantages and disadvantages of buying medicine from an online pharmacy. Read on to get enlightened.  


The internet has revolutionized the way patients seek medication. Nowadays, most patients prefer buying medicines from online pharmacies instead of visiting physical stores.  

Here are some advantages of buying from online pharmacies: 

  1. Improved Convenience 

Health issues can occur at any time. In such a case, you may want to take some medication to help relieve yourself from pain. 

Buying medicine from convectional pharmacies means having the hassle of going to the pharmacy yourself, which is much of a greater hassle if you live far from it. Besides, when buying from conventional pharmacies, you’ll only be guaranteed to get help only when the pharmacies are open or during working hours. Buying medicine from such stores can prolong your pain. That’s why you might want to consider purchasing medicines from an online pharmacy.  

Online pharmacies enable you to buy medicine from the comfort of your home.  You can order medicines online and have them delivered to your doorstep on your specified date of delivery. 

Apart from that, with online medicine shopping, you won’t spend countless hours waiting to be served by a cashier. You can easily make your order within seconds which is incredibly convenient. 

  1. Price Comparisons 

Although several pharmacies provide similar or identical medicines, their prices differ significantly. As a customer, you would want to purchase from a pharmacy that provides medicines at reasonable prices.   

Making a price comparison from brick-and-mortar pharmacies isn’t easy, especially if located far away from each other. This forces you to buy your medicine from the pharmacy you first find, regardless of whether such a chemist sells their medicines at low or high prices.  

With online pharmacies, you can make price comparisons from different stores. This enables you to get the best deal or prices in the market.   

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  1. Increased Safety 

It’s no doubt that several contagious diseases are being reported every day. These are infections that spread from one person to another. Most common contagious diseases include different types of flu, strep throat, and colds.  

You can contract contagious diseases from anywhere you contact an infected person. However, you’re at more risk when visiting a hospital or a pharmacy. Some people with contagious diseases visit such facilities leaving viruses behind. By purchasing medicines from online pharmacies, you can minimize the chances of contracting such contagious diseases.   

Buying medicines online implies that you won’t visit any physical pharmacy. It eliminates your risk of interacting with people who have got contagious diseases. This helps improve your safety and that of your other family members.   


While shopping for medicines from online pharmacies has many advantages, it has also got its own disadvantages. Some of these include:   

  • Prone To Frauds  

Fraud is one of the major drawbacks of shopping for your medicines from online pharmacies. Although there are several of them out there, not all of them are genuine. Some publish great offers to attract customers. However, they end up providing sub-standard or counterfeit medicines. To find a genuine online pharmacy, thoroughly research and check the pharmacy’s credibility before purchasing.  

Differentiating between a good and bad online pharmacy isn’t easy, especially if you haven’t dealt with such a firm there before. You can avoid this hassle by reading online reviews. These are opinions or feedbacks left online by other patients regarding their experience with the pharmacists in question. Buy your medicines from an online pharmacy with positive reviews.   

  • Delay In Delivery 

Most online pharmacies operate 24/7. However, you can barely receive medicines within the day of making your orders.  

In most cases, you communicate with chatbots and not an actual person when making your order. Therefore, there are cases where you’ll have to wait for several days before receiving your medicines.  

To avoid such troubles, always specify your preferred delivery time when making your orders. Besides, you can make follow-ups with salespersons to ensure your medicines are delivered on time.   

  • Returning Medicines 

Sometimes you can make an order but receive the wrong medicines. In such a case, you might want to return them to the seller.   

Returning medicines to an online seller isn’t a walk in the park. Some have leniency, while others have very complex return policies. But whichever the case, you’re the one to bear the cost of returning the medicines. Familiarize yourself with the return policies of different online pharmacies before making your purchase.  


Taking care of your health is one of the best ways to boost your life. It ensures you’re living free from health issues or complications. You can achieve this by purchasing your medications from online pharmacies. However, as you’ve seen in this article, buying medicines from online pharmacies has its advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended to thoroughly research to find the best online pharmacy.