10 Tips On Applying To A Modelling Agency In Melbourne

Updated on February 23, 2021

If you have always aspired to walk on the runway and fashion, makeup and photos are your perfect companions of a fun hangout, then modelling is definitely the right career choice for you. Whether you are planning to start out as a model or switching agencies, you must keep yourself updated with the latest trends of the modelling agencies Melbourne to increase your chances at getting picked.

Background check on the agency

One of the basic steps before contacting a modelling agency to do your homework well. We would go out on a limb to say how important it is to ensure that the agency caters to the kind of career choices you have made for yourself. Check the portfolio of the agency and if possible, try to contact the talent that the agency represents.

Sending the right pictures

A huge chunk of the selection criteria at a modelling agency depends on the kind of photos you send to the agent. Make sure that the pictures you send are clicked from a high resolution camera and are not overly airbrushed or edited. Agents will immediately discard pictures if they do not find them natural.

Minimal makeup

Modelling is all about finding your inner beauty and inspiring people to do the same. Makeup is not for hiding flaws but owning them with confidence. Thus, if you are under the impression that wearing layers of makeup will help you get through the auditions, then you are thoroughly mistaken. Always go for a natural to dewy look for your headshots. Don’t try to accentuate or conceal any features.

Subtle clothes

Clothes make up for half of your first impressions. Some people are under the impression that modelling is all about minimal clothing. However, it is time to throw all such misconceptions out of the window. Take a look at the headshots of famous actors and supermodels. You will find that most of them are fairly underdressed. Go for subtle tops and tees and never try to expose unnecessarily.

Visual content to your aid 

There are some agencies who also require the candidates to submit a video with their brief intro. This is done in order to assess the personality of the candidate and also ensures better screening process. If you are asked to submit a video, make sure to keep it simple and natural. Wear subtle clothes and makeup and focus on talking about yourself. 

Go for subtle shots 

Once selected, you will find ample opportunities to pose in front of the camera crew and a huge audience, but till then hold your horses. For your application, confidence is the only pose you will be needing. Don’t spend hundreds of bucks on a professional photoshoot. Instead, go for simple headshots and body shots. 

Focus on your profiles

While submitting your photos, make sure you focus on all your profiles. Click pictures of the front and either of the side profiles. Don’t pout or smile too much because it makes it difficult to assess your features. The rule of thumb here says to pick the angles carefully. For instance, while going for a side profile, go for a less steep angle if it suits you better.

Include vital information with the portfolio 

While submitting the portfolio, include your vital stats which includes your bust size, waist and hip. Additionally, you must also disclose your full contact details and places on internet where you can be discovered. If you have an Instagram page or a similar profile with your photoshoots, do drop a link for the same or get the name printed on the portfolio. 

Showcase your beach body

While nudity on the portfolio is highly condemned, the casting agents do appreciate you sending pictures in swimwear. A bikini shoot is appreciated if you are dealing with agency which has clients pertaining to lingerie or other innerwear. 

Focus on you

Needless to say, since you aspire to get the job, you certainly do not want someone else to be stealing your thunder. Make sure that you are the only one in the photos and also keep a balance of lighting. You might want to make sure there is natural light in the space where you are shooting. 

Towards the end, it is always your confidence which shall carry you places. Don’t forget to add it to your portfolio!

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