Why You Should Do Regular Eye Check-Ups

Updated on June 2, 2020

The eye is one of the most important yet sensitive organs in the body that is required for facilitating day to day activities. Clear vision enables us to perform a variety of activities such as reading, walking, cleaning, and watching, among many others. Impaired vision hinders our ability to perform such actions thereby making it difficult to go about our lives. Therefore, it is necessary to do regular eye checkups to identify any defects or potential defects that may happen later in life. It is advisable to do these checkups even when you do not feel any eye complications. Some exams may inform you of eye conditions that you did not know you had which necessitate corrective measures thereby improving your vision. Discussed below are some of the reasons why you should take eye exams. 

Reduce glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the sneakiest eye diseases that can creep up on you or your loved one. This is usually attributed to the fact that there usually are no discernible symptoms present in most cases of early glaucoma. This usually means that by the time you get to know about it, the effects will have gotten quite severe on the eye. The condition can lead to permanent loss of vision among many people. Regular checkups may lead to an early diagnosis which gives room and adequate time for medical treatment. You can use an online optometrists tool for an eye check-up to help you identify any complications should they exist. 

Promotes academic excellence

More than three-quarters of what students are expected to learn in school, both inside and outside the school environment require good eyesight. Proper eyesight enables them to see writings and drawing on their books, the coursebook materials, and the whiteboard/blackboard. This goes a long way in improving the efficiency of their studies since they do not have to struggle to identify items in their study materials. Regular eye exams ensure that the student can clearly see and is comfortable in the classroom regardless of their sitting position. Good eyesight also improves their participation and engagement in sporting activities such as football, tennis, and basketball among others. 

Reveal other health problems

Routine eye exam has in the past exposed other serious health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension among many people in the past. This has propelled the saying that the eye is the ‘window to our soul’ due to its role in making such important discoveries. Comprehensive eye exams usually involve the doctor doing a thorough analysis of blood vessels that exist in your retina. This usually provides a unique avenue for the discovery of other possible body ailments by identifying any blood-related issues. 


The eyes are very delicate organs that are required for day to day execution of tasks among various people. It is therefore prudent to ensure that they are in the best possible condition to achieve maximum long-term efficiency among other reasons as discussed in this article. Eye checkups have become even easier by making use of online optometrists tools to facilitate the process. Get your eyes checked today!

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