Why Streamlining Gas Supply Is the Best Decision for Your Healthcare Facility

Updated on January 13, 2022
Yellow pipes inside the compressor station. Yellow pipes as a symbol of gas transportation. Arrows on the pipes show the direction of movement. Concept - supply of gas. Pressure regulating valves.

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By Beau Hoy, VP of Healthcare at EspriGas

Conversations around the supply chain are heating up across the country, and leaders at the top of the funnel are facing challenges to stock every facility with the correct supplies on time and at the best price. This reality becomes especially true when you think about the healthcare industry. The vast range of medical products, devices and equipment needed in healthcare facilities creates a challenging web of supply management systems. 

On top of the challenge presented, the expectation of real-time visibility into delivery and inventory needs is increasing – putting pressure on suppliers and internal supply management. This growing demand for visibility into the current status of goods and supplies, paired with the ever-increasing expectation of quick delivery, creates a high-pressure environment for supply chain professionals and business leaders. As we continue to recover and respond to the changing pandemic, these leaders are spending valuable time on tactical supply management concerns when they could be focused on more important decisions and discussions.  

Recognizing this, leaders in the healthcare space are opting to lean on innovative vendors with access to industry-wide insights to help them navigate their delivery and inventory needs, saving them time and money while also ensuring safety and quality.

Build Trust and Improve Supply Chain Operations

When it comes to gas supply, safe and on-time delivery, placement and set up of tanks are fundamental needs for businesses across all industries – but this becomes even more critical when we think about healthcare facilities. This sector continues to experience extreme demand and need for turnover during the pandemic. The variety and quantity of gas supply required for healthcare facilities may vary based on distinct practices; however, the safety and quality must remain the same across the industry. 

Building relationships with supply partners that truly understand the needs of your facility and go beyond inventory numbers is a best practice for today’s healthcare facilities. This partnership allows leaders to place trust in the vendor and focus their energy and effort on other pressing needs. 

With trust in your supply vendor, you can meet more unique business needs and impact your operations in a more significant way. A trusted partner can conduct a complete diagnostic review to dive deeper into overall business plans and goals to eliminate wasted costs and process and launch innovation.  

There is far less room for error when supply management efforts align with best practices established for each healthcare facility. The needs for each facility depend on the type of practice, and the gas supply management should be tailored to each. An animal hospital, for example, has different requirements than a full-service hospital. 

Gain Access to a Larger Network and Market Knowledge

Integrating a healthcare facility into an extensive supply network provides benefits that protect your business and its needs. A network opens the door to more options when supply is running low or behind schedule. Gaining this access requires intimate market knowledge that is difficult to achieve internally. That is why companies around the world are turning to innovative supply partners. Familiarity with the healthcare industry and its intricate needs creates mutual understanding, and ultimately trust. 

A streamlined supply management system emphasizes accuracy and timely payment plans benefiting both the customer and the supplier. Visibility into safety, delivery and management creates transparency and ease for the supply chain leaders. Healthcare facilities can have trust in their supply partners when it is built on this solid foundation.

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