Why Health Insurance Is Important For Expats

Updated on December 13, 2023

Life sometimes may not go as planned. Therefore, it is wise to protect yourself, especially if you are an expat, against future contingencies. Whether you live abroad or would like to do so one day, now is the best time to plan. A better way to mitigate this risk is by getting international health insurance. Choosing a health insurance plan is not good enough; it is also imperative that you go for the right expat insurance plan. 

Although most expats have local health insurance, it is not enough as local health insurance cannot cover health expenses abroad. Most countries require international health insurance as part of their visa requirements. Below are reasons why having a health insurance plan can save you a lot of trouble as an expat.

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Reasons Expats Need International Health Insurance

1. Health Insurance Saves Cost

Apart from being a source of financial security for your family and loved ones, health insurance will save you a lot of money. Most foreign countries require you to pay before giving you treatment as an expat. In medical emergencies, you may be required to pay an extra amount from your pocket, especially in private hospitals. However, you don’t have to worry about the cost with premium international health insurance as your insurance will handle it. International insurance might also give you an edge as you will receive treatments faster and avoid long waiting lists.

2. Multiple Coverage and Access To Quality Healthcare

Most expats travel around the world and do not have a constant location. When you are certain that you will get the best healthcare services no matter your travel destination, you will have the freedom to choose any country of your choice without any fear. International health insurance can be the perfect way out in situations that demand urgent medical evacuation, especially in life-threatening conditions or epidemics in the country you stay in. Having international health insurance can be a crucial factor, especially if the country you are in currently does not have a standard healthcare system.

3. Flexibility to Suit your Demands

If you prefer to be among friends and family during healthcare challenges, an international insurance plan will be perfect. Having expat insurance affords you the opportunity to choose different plans and get healthcare services as you want. You can even decide to use your international health insurance back in your home country. International health insurance allows up to 180 days of medical treatment in your home country. This is slightly different for Americans as they must get a plan that includes the USA in the health insurance plan to be able to use an international health insurance plan back home. If you are elderly, you can also have flexibility in your health insurance plan tailored for your needs.


As an expat, international health insurance plan may be the missing link that will improve the quality of your nomadic life. It can give you the confidence needed to undertake other beneficial ventures that can help your growth. Understand the health insurance that works for you and go for it. Make your health a priority as you journey through life as an expat.

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