What You Should Know Before Getting Lip Fillers in Brisbane

Updated on May 8, 2021
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Along with the eyes, the lips have long been regarded as the most attractive feature of a person’s face. The presumed ideal proportions of the lips have changed through the years. Many people today want full, curvier lips. Moreover, augmentation procedures have been sought after by both women and men as pucker lips are seen as desirable. Thus, it has created more demands in the service of beauty enhancement. 

Aside from injections, lip lifts, and other surgical procedures, lip fillers are one of the most common procedures to improve the appearance of the lips. Some people actually come to life with thin lips, while others get diluted (read more) as part of the normal aging process. Nevertheless, such clinical procedures are highly effective for adding volume, structure, and form to peculiarly thin lips.

The idea of getting injections into your lips might be a bit daunting to someone who has never had cosmetic enhancement before. So, we have outlined the significant factors you must know before deciding on getting yourself signed up for the procedure!

A Short Overview On Lip Augmentation 

Lip augmentation refers to a cosmetic procedure that adds fullness and a volumizing effect to your lips. With injectable fillers, lip augmentation only takes a short time and has a minimal recovery period. 

In recent years, the prominence of soft tissue augmentation for facial rejuvenation has skyrocketed. As stated by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, over 1.2 million dermal filler procedures were performed in 2008, representing a 200 percent growth rate since 1997 (link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4174914/).

It has also been made more popular than ever in present times as one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures. As a result, the preferred cosmetic treatments are more in demand and less taboo for millennials. For this reason, they’ve come to accept fillers and other injectables as a standard beauty procedure. Even well-known personalities have made pouty lips at vogue, i.e., Kylie Jenner.

Moreover, dermal fillers maintain a more symmetric and healthy appearance. As you may not know, your lips may appear thinner over time due to the following reasons: 

  • UV Damage
  • Loss of Collagen
  • Smoking
  • Aging
  • Oxidative Stress

What Are Lip Fillers?

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Lip fillers are substances that are injected to enhance the look of your lips. One of the most common lip fillers used in several cosmetic procedures is Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic acid-containing dermal fillers, like Restylane and Juvederm, help add volume, shape, and structure to your lip region. 

How Long Will It Last?

Dermal fillers are generated by enzymes such as hyaluronic acid that occur naturally in your body. Hence, it can be absorbed by your body over time. How long your treatment lasts will be affected by the speed of your metabolism. Furthermore, in areas with less movement, cosmetic filler tends to last longer.

Usually, lip fillers may last up to (6) six months or more. But they are temporary, so generally, they will deflate over time. 

After-Care Routine

The procedure would only take about half of an hour. However, after the procedure, expect that you could immediately experience the following side effects — which are usually cleared after a week or two.

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Tingling or rash
  • Pain

These side effects are normal, but you can ease these effects by placing an ice pack covered in a cloth to reduce the swelling and redness. Aside from that, you must clear up your schedule from doing anything strenuous to avoid complications. Activities such as running, doing workouts, or anything that can elevate your blood pressure and heart rate should be avoided as it might get the side effects worse.

Also, it is recommended not to use any cosmetic product around your lip region for 24 hours after the procedure to make room for recovery. Off-the-shelf products like antihistamines and anti-inflammation medicine may help to decrease any redness or irritation you experience. 

Although fillers are generally harmless, it is best to report any discomfort right away. If you notice any signs of infection such as fever, skin inflammation, and severe pain, it is best to visit your doctor. 

Average Cost

The pricing of lip filler and cosmetic injections depends on the quantity needed to obtain your ideal results. Also, the price of lip fillers varies widely depending on the type and the amount that you acquire, but a single syringe can cost over $600. If your ideal plump lips require more, then you might have to add an extra dosage.

Moreover, you should do more injections to keep the volume of your lips up, but maintaining volume also requires another step. Usually, it may require you to get more injections after six months since the procedure. But it actually varies, whether you want to maintain it or not. You can also ask your doctor to choose the best type of fillers to use that may suit your desire and budget. 


You should note the long-term effects of getting a dermal filler, such as the overstretching of your skin tissues that may result in wrinkles, but not so much. However, if you want to maintain full-looking lips, then get injections as beauty maintenance.

Fillers that have been authorized by the FDA and are used by well-trained professionals are generally safe. However, you must ensure that you are in the hands of a trustworthy cosmetic specialist. To ensure reliability, choose professionals who are guaranteed skilled and have extensive experience in the field. 

See before and after photos of your doctor’s work to establish reliance with their service. Browse reviews on several sites or try to check out the nearest derms in your city. If you reside in Brisbane, you can check CST Direct lip fillers or similar clinics to get lip augmentation. Also, practitioners are in-charged in getting your desired look by doing effective methods to tailor your requirements. You can aim for natural-looking lips or fuller lips; tell them, and they will cater to it.

However, the results may or may not be ideal for you. But the great thing about hyaluronic-containing fillers is they can be diffused if you are not satisfied with the results. As mentioned earlier, the effects will just wear off gradually. 

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