What To Know When Purchasing Urgent Care Supplies

Updated on March 3, 2023
What To Know When Purchasing Urgent Care Supplies

Urgent cares provide services in the void between primary physicians and emergency rooms. If you’ve recently acquired an urgent care practice or are trying to start one, you’re helping to fill this void. You need the right supplies to best serve patients. Learn what to know when purchasing urgent care supplies and what urgent care supplies to put at the top of your purchase list.

The Manufacturer or Supplier

There are many healthcare supply manufacturers in the world, selling their products online and in retail stores. While you may think that an online presence or the ability to sell in retail stores guarantees dependability, that isn’t always the case. Research the supply manufacturer to learn about the materials they use and the quality of their supplies. If the supplier is separate from the manufacturer, research the supplier as well. You should know the average cost of your desired medical supplies so that you know whether the supplier is charging a fair amount. If they’re charging too much or too little, you can consider that they may be lying about their inventory.

The Warranty

Most medical supplies, especially larger purchases like x-ray machines, come with a warranty. Get it in writing from the manufacturer or supplier and store it somewhere memorable with easy access for whoever may need it. Some warranties expire within the first month, while others last longer. Always remember to check the warranty when you notice a problem with your purchased medical equipment. This way, you can get the help you need.

The Durability

Your urgent care needs durable medical equipment if you want to serve your patients well and take care of your staff. While researching the manufacturer or supplier, you should learn about the durability of your desired equipment. Some of the equipment that you should place on your purchase list are diagnostic machines, such as electrocardiogram monitors, and personal protective equipment for your staff. If you’re buying a practice that already has some of these supplies, check their durability and consider purchasing new ones if they aren’t up to par.

Purchasing urgent care supplies is a big responsibility as you start or acquire a healthcare practice. Now you know what to research when making that important purchase and what to place on your purchase list. If there are already urgent cares in your area, learn what equipment they use so that you can get an idea of realistic costs and expectations.