What To Do if You See a Coworker Treated Unfairly

Updated on March 26, 2021
What To Do if You See a Coworker Treated Unfairly

The people who work in medicine are knowledgeable and skilled. However, they may lack certain social niceties or, even worse, promote a toxic work environment. Whether you work in a small practice or a large hospital, here is what to do if you see a coworker treated unfairly.

Support Your Coworker

As a medical professional, you are in the business of helping people. This desire to aid people should not stop with physical wounds. When your superiors or peers treat a coworker unfairly, they are hurting that person deeply. Their emotional struggle remains hidden unless you present yourself as a safe space. When you see unethical treatment, step up and step in to support the victim. Listen to them and show them you care. Even the smallest acts of kindness can go a long way to someone who feels suffocated in a hostile workplace.

Speak up About It

Your work environment may be toxic, and you know who makes it harmful. Though you could name names or recite incidents, it means nothing if you don’t actually speak up about it. As a doctor, nurse, or administrator, your job requires the support of others. Without your coworkers, you could not treat patients, organize logistics, or coordinate with insurance companies. When you speak up about an unfair incident in the workplace, you stand up for your coworker and improve office dynamics. Your boldness can result in meaningful change, but only if you make an effort.

Pursue Next Steps

When you see a coworker treated unfairly, you can take action. You should not let an offense slide, no matter who did it. Offer your support to your coworker through practical steps—research what you need to prove a retaliation lawsuit and help the victim find the necessary evidence.

Knowing what to do if you see a coworker treated unfairly can help you stand up against office toxicity. All it takes is one person to establish a healthy work environment in a healthcare setting.