What to Do If You Have No Health Insurance and Need to See a Doctor

Updated on August 21, 2019
What to Do If You Have No Health Insurance and Need to See a Doctor copy

About 44 million Americans have no health insurance at all. There are a number of reasons these people don’t have insurance. The vast majority simply can’t afford to buy coverage, but some feel they’re in good health and thus see no need to be insured.

Regardless of your specific reason, one thing is certain: at some point in your life, you’ll fall ill and want to seek healthcare services. When this time comes, you’ll have to pay for the services out-of-pocket.

But what if you won’t have the money? Here’s what to do when you have no health insurance and need to see a doctor.

Got to a Charity or Low-Cost Health Facility

America’s health care industry is profit-centered, but this doesn’t mean every other health facility is out to make big bucks off of patients. There are a few charity hospitals across the country, which you can make use of when you’re ill and broke.

However, keep in mind these facilities are few and far between. As such, don’t wait until you’re sick to start looking for the nearest charity hospital. It helps to have the addresses of these facilities in your diary so that you know where to go the moment you fall ill.

Besides charity hospitals, there are low-cost facilities you can go to. These are usually community health centers.

Do You Have a Formally-Employed Spouse?

Most employers purchase group health insurance that covers their employees. Depending on the policy, employees can also add their spouses and children as beneficiaries.

If you have a spouse who’s in formal-employment, be sure to ask them whether they have such insurance and whether you’re eligible to receive services. If they do, you’re a lucky bird! You can go to any of the insurer’s approved health facilities and get treatment.

This is especially beneficial if you need to see a specialist such as a car accident doctor. Specialists usually charge a lot more money than general practitioners. 

Sell Your Stuff

Having no money doesn’t necessarily mean you’re poor. You could be broke but you’ve got a house, or a car, or other valuable items such as electronics and jewelry.

When you need healthcare without insurance, you can sell some of your stuff to raise money quickly. For instance, you can pawn the electronics or jewelry. Another ideal option is to secure a loan against your car’s title. If you own your home outright or have positive equity, you can go in for a line of credit.

Borrow/Fundraise from Friends and Family

What are friends for if not to support us when we need financial help?

Unless you’re a total introvert with no social relationships, you certainly have a couple of friends and relatives who can lend you money for your health care expenses. What’s more, in the age of social networking apps like WhatsApp, it’s easy to bring friends together and raise money quickly.

No Health Insurance and Need to See a Doctor? You Can Still Get Help

As much as living without health insurance is not advisable, there are circumstances that can hinder you from getting coverage. Nonetheless, when you have no health insurance and need to see a doctor, you can still get help. Use any of the strategies outlined in this article.

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