What to Ask Local Personal Injury Attorneys Before Hiring One

Updated on November 15, 2023

Were you recently injured in a motor vehicle accident? Were you hurt in an accident that took place at work? Did you sustain an injury in some other type of accident that has left you with a big stack of medical bills?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s important for you to speak with a personal injury lawyer right away. Local personal injury attorneys will be able to shed some light on whether or not you might be able to recoup at least some of the losses that you’ve sustained due to an injury.

With more than 1.3 million lawyers scattered throughout the country right now, you shouldn’t have too much trouble tracking down one who specializes in personal injury cases. But you shouldn’t just hire the first one you can find.

Instead, you should Google “best accident attorneys near me” or “good accident lawyers near me” to find out what your options are. Then, you should ask a bunch of local personal injury attorneys questions to find the best one.

Here are the questions you should ask to narrow down your search to the best injury attorney.

“How Long Have You Been a Personal Injury Lawyer?”

As we just mentioned, there isn’t going to be any shortage of local personal injury attorneys operating in your general area. Personal injury lawyers are a dime a dozen in most cities throughout the U.S. right now.

With this in mind, you should not settle for working with an inexperienced personal injury lawyer that doesn’t know what they’re doing. You want someone who has years, if not decades, of experience on your side.

One of the very first things you should ask a personal injury claim lawyer is how long they’ve been practicing law. If they just earned their law degree last year and don’t seem to have enough experience, you should look elsewhere for a lawyer.

“How Much Experience Do You Have Handling Personal Injury Cases Like Mine?”

It’s not enough for a personal injury lawyer to just have a ton of experience under their belt. They also need to have experience working on the specific type of personal injury case that you’re bringing to them.

Let’s say, for example, that you think you have a strong wrongful death case on your hands. You’ll need to find a local personal injury lawyer who has worked on tons of wrongful death cases in the past to give yourself the best chance for success.

You can get more information here about wrongful death cases. But the bottom line is that you shouldn’t hire a personal injury lawyer who hasn’t worked on many cases like yours. You’ll be setting yourself up for a disaster.

“How Strong Do You Think My Personal Injury Case Is?”

All of the local personal injury attorneys that you speak with are going to sound interested in representing you in your personal injury case. But how many of them really believe that you’re going to have a great chance to win your case?

You want someone on your side who is gung-ho to represent you in court. They should feel confident in their ability to get you the money that you deserve based on how strong of a case they think you have. You can read more here about a law firm that will always put you first to get the compensation you deserve. 

Don’t hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you if they sound wishy-washy when you ask them about the strength of your case. They should be even more enthusiastic than you are about building the strongest case possible.

“What Approach Would You Take to Representing Me in My Personal Injury Case?”

Before you bring a personal injury lawyer on board and give them an opportunity to represent you, you need to know that they have a plan. They should be able to give you at least some idea of what they would do while representing you in court.

The best injury attorney will be able to draw on their experience to come up with a strategy for you on the fly. They’ll compare your case to another case that they handled once and break down the approach that they’ll take to earn you a victory.

The best accident attorneys always think fast and know how to put together a plan in an instant. They’ll make you feel good about what they’re going to do to make sure you win your case.

“How Much Do You Charge for Your Personal Injury Services?”

Some personal injury lawyers will charge their clients an hourly rate for their services. But the vast majority of them won’t collect a dime unless they’re able to score a victory for their clients in court.

You should ask local personal injury attorneys to be upfront with you about how they charge their clients. You should then compare the different payment methods offered by lawyers to see which one will work best for you.

A lawyer who charges an hourly rate might be worth it if you believe you have a slam-dunk case and don’t want the lawyer to take a large percentage of the settlement you receive. But if you’re not sure how your case will turn out, hiring a personal injury lawyer who will have to work for their payment might be a much better option.

Begin Searching for the Best Local Personal Injury Attorneys Today

Hiring one of the best local personal injury attorneys in your area is going to take more than an hour or two in most cases. You’ll need to do your fair share of homework to locate the best personal lawyer injury of the bunch.

Don’t let that stop you from putting in the necessary work to find a personal injury claim lawyer that you love. You’ll be so glad you did once you see what a great job they’re able to do on your behalf.

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