What Do Professional License Defense Attorneys In California Do?

Updated on July 27, 2022
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Every year, professionals in California lose their right to work through denial, suspension, and revocation of their licenses by the regulatory bodies. These licensing boards regularly monitor the permits they offer to ensure that professionals live up to the required standards and protect their services’ consumers.

Some common factors that licensing boards consider when determining whether to deny, suspend, or revoke your license include fraud, embezzlement, negligent care, and gross incompetence. Luckily, you can protect your right to work by hiring the services of the ideal legal representation. Here are the services that a California professional license defense attorney offers:

  1. Appeal Your License Application

Governmental regulatory bodies receive, deliberate on, and either approve or reject license applications in their scope of operation.  If you apply for a license, it’s not outright that you’ll get it. Your application might be rejected for different reasons, such as a criminal background or lack of educational qualifications.

Fortunately, all is not lost when your application is rejected since you can still get your license by appealing. A professional defense lawyer in California will step in to help you appeal the board’s decision on your behalf. They do this by evaluating the merits and demerits of the denial or statement of issues filed against you and filing a rebuttal, which enables you to get your professional work permit.

  1. Defend Your Discipline Case

Besides considering the validity of license applications, the governmental regulatory boards have the power to revoke or suspend your existing license. This decision is taken if you’re accused of a disciplinary case directly affecting your professional work. Some disciplinary topics that make you lose your license include unethical behavior, a conviction for DUI, a crime, or professional misconduct.

The licensing boards consider the merits or demerits of the disciplinary allegations labeled against you after giving you a right of reply. If they find the allegations are merited, they can either suspend your license for some months or entirely revoke it. Hence, professional license defense attorneys in California come in handy by defending you in the case, halting the suspension or revocation.  

  1. Petition For Reinstatement of Your License

After hearing your disciplinary case, the regulatory body in charge can decide to suspend or revoke your professional license. One of the legal services skilled legal defense attorneys in California offer is petitioning for the reinstatement of your license. Your license defense lawyer uses their experience in dealing with the administrative law judges and the courts to negotiate for better terms and shorten your probation.

In addition, the core mandate of your defense attorney is to protect your occupational license and the right to work. They prepare you for the petition board appearances by advising and rehearsing you on what to say. This specialized representation, in turn, drastically increases your chances of getting a fair and favorable hearing.


Professional defense attorneys in California offer a wide range of legal representation services to help you avoid losing your license. Choosing a dedicated and experienced lawyer is essential if you intend to improve your chances of protecting your work permit. 

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