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What Are the Best Jobs in the Healthcare Industry?

Lacerations make up about 8% of all emergency room visits.

One minute someone’s in their kitchen cutting an avocado, the next, they’re rushing to the hospital with their hand sliced open. Thanks to nurses and physicians, the deepest of cuts can fully heal.

If you’re looking to make a real difference in the world, you should consider starting a career in the healthcare industry. What other jobs in the healthcare industry could you find rewarding? Read on to find out.

Working in Healthcare as a Nursing Assistant

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If you’re looking for a career that’s fulfilling and deeply rewarding, consider becoming a nursing assistant. The job is demanding, but you’ll be able to see firsthand the difference you’re making in patients’ lives.

What type of responsibilities will you be doing on a day-to-day basis? Some of the tests include administering patients’ medication, serving meals, and even bathing patients.

Nursing assistants also help take vital signs, sanitize patient rooms, and record detailed information about the patient’s overall condition. You can think of yourself as a liaison between the doctors and the patient.

One moment you might be helping someone move around the facility, and the next moment you might be allowing a patient to take their medicine. As the day begins to come to a close, you’ll have to take notes about the care you provided for each patient.

Healthcare Careers as a Licensed Physical Therapist

When it comes to jobs in the healthcare industry, would you like to be the person who helps others recover from injury or surgery? Then you should consider becoming a physical therapist.

As a physical therapist, it’ll be your job to help patients maintain their independence by regaining their mobility. You’re thoroughly trained on the different ways that the human body moves and interacts so that you can promote healthy lifestyle choices to your patients.

One of the downsides to being a physical therapist is that you will be on your feet all day. However, if you’re someone who hates being stuck behind a desk, being on your feet can be an advantage. You’re actively engaging patients through treatments and exercises, and you’ll be using various fitness equipment.

As a physical therapist, you need to understand physiology, pain assessments, therapeutic practices, and human anatomy. It’s also vital that you enjoy working one-on-one with people.

You’ll be helping people exercise during some of the most painful times of their life. Without coming off too strong or taking a backseat, you’ll need to provide just the right amount of motivation for patient success.

Healthcare Careers as an Orthodontist

Do you want to be the person responsible for helping people have beautiful smiles? Then consider a career as an orthodontist.

Becoming an orthodontist is a straightforward path. You’ll need to complete high school, attend college, and then complete an orthodontic residency.

In total, it’ll take you about 10 years after completing high school to become an actual orthodontist. On the plus side, you’ll be able to make a comfortable living and have the option to open your own practice.

It’s normal for an orthodontist to work about 35 to 40 hours a week. However, some find themselves working much longer hours in the beginning.

What exactly will you be doing in your orthodontic career? You’ll be helping patients who have an improper bite.

An improper bite can mean that the patient’s teeth are coming in crooked or are overcrowded. You’ll be able to correct the misalignment by using different types of hardware, such as headgear or retainers. Your main goal will be to align teeth so that patients can have a pain-free life.

Best Healthcare Jobs as an Anesthesiologist

Anesthesiologists have a career that is anything but dull. When you specialize in anesthesia, you’ll be entering a fast-paced and intellectually challenging world.

Are you someone who enjoys high-pressure workdays and fluctuating schedules? Then a career in anesthesiology could be the right choice for you.

As far as salary goes, you can easily make a quarter-million dollars a year or more as a hospital-based anesthesiologist. You’ll also find that you have many different practice options along with flexibility for scheduling hours.

You could practice at a surgery center or just work in a group administering office space. There are also pain management settings where you could work directly out of an office. The Anesthesia job board has a range of exclusive job posts for anesthesiologists, in numerous different settings, for those searching for their next job role. 

In a way, you can think of yourself as an active clinical pharmacologist. You’ll be giving patients medication and watching in real-time to see how they react.

Healthcare Careers as a Speech-language Pathologist

Finally, you could also choose to become a speech-language pathologist. Speech-language pathologist helps diagnose, prevent, and treat different types of speech disorders. The speech disorders could be a type of social communication problem, cognitive-communication, or even swallowing disorders in adults and children.

Speech disorders happen whenever somebody has difficulty clearly pronouncing words. The person might have trouble expressing language, or they might have problems with nonverbal communication.

Whatever the case may be, a speech-language pathologist can help save the day. Working closely with patients, they’ll be able to develop a treatment plan that can provide the best results.

Exploring Jobs in the Healthcare Industry

After reading about the different jobs in the healthcare industry, what career choice calls to you the most? Do you like the idea of working as a nursing assistant?

Of course, if you’re more interested in the scientific side of medicine, consider becoming an anesthesiologist. Watching patients react to the medicine in real-time can be a thrilling experience.

Since reaching out to an admissions counselor is the first step in starting your health care career, go ahead and make that call today. For more insights like these, you’ll want to see what the rest of our blog has to offer.

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