What Are Some Innovative Ways to Market a Healthcare Brand?

Updated on December 5, 2022

Whether you are a pharmaceutical or medical equipment company or provide telemedicine facilities, there is stiff competition in the market. Today’s consumers are more aware and also open to experimenting.  

Healthcare is a 2.5 trillion dollar industry and one of the largest in the US. Thus, medical marketers constantly look for innovative healthcare marketing ideas to help their brands dominate the market. 

Innovative healthcare marketing ideas help drive better returns on investment. About 70% of healthcare marketing experts saw their online healthcare branding strategies to be successful.   

Below are some of the top marketing ideas for healthcare brands that are highly efficient. 

How do you promote a health brand? 5 Innovative healthcare marketing ideas 

Promote your brand consistently. 

Did you know that more than 70,000 medical and health-related searches are done daily? 

You might be a leader in your expertise, but that has to be translated to your customer. Most healthcare brands’ end-users are ordinary people who need help understanding scientific jargon. Healthcare marketers must promote their brands consistently across all channels, search engines, social media, and offline avenues. It helps to position themselves as a user-friendly and user-centric brand. 

Consistent branding lets your audience be aware of your brand. Promoting your USP (unique selling point) and what makes you stand apart from your competitors is essential. Consistent brand communication will help your brand name become easily recallable and recognizable.  

Create a responsive healthcare website 

 The adjustability of the website to the screen of a computer, tablet, or phone indicates a responsive website. The UI/UX of your website, the color scheme, easy navigation, and readable fonts and styles contribute to your website’s user experience and responsiveness. 

The speed of a website also matters greatly. Viewers are likely to quit a website that loads content after 3 seconds.  

Being a responsive website is also friendly for search engines. It becomes easy for search engines to crawl through your healthcare website and increase your ranking. Another factor that will help your ranking on the internet is providing credible information and content. This is one of the critical factors in healthcare marketing.   

Increase your medical brand awareness on social media 

A solid social media presence helps with customer acquisition and brand loyalty while reducing customer churn. Comments from genuine audiences prove the authenticity of the brand.  

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the leading social media platforms that must be utilized in brand awareness strategies. But to stand apart from the competition, one of the best innovative healthcare marketing ideas is promoting the brand on platforms like Quora and Reddit.    

Create relatable and easily understandable content and promote it on these channels. 

Create different types of membership plans 

 Monthly membership plans are becoming common nowadays. They give patients the freedom to control the health services opted for it. On top of that, healthcare providers offer extra discounts and promotional offers to their patients. This strategy is another effective way of retaining patients.  

Organize public healthcare campaigns 

Organizing healthcare campaigns increase awareness among your target audience. These campaigns let your target audience know about your services and related products. Brands can raise awareness about lesser-known medical issues and erase the common misconceptions about several illnesses. 

These were some of the top innovative healthcare marketing ideas. Brands worldwide are employing them to see noticeable changes in their bottom line. 

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