Virtual Interviews Serve as Roadmap to Improved Healthcare Operations

Updated on January 16, 2022

By Edwin Miller

Whether your workforce comprises medical professionals, lab researchers, biomedical manufacturers, or healthcare insurance reps – most likely these employees and teams would have an increase in levels of engagement and productivity if processes were more streamlined. However, what most organizations fail to realize is that the best way to increase employee engagement, productivity, and profits, is to tap into your employee and stakeholder intelligence. 9Lenses, a Washington DC-Metro startup has been successfully helping consultants and business leaders leverage their stakeholders’ intelligence through virtual interviews for better decision-making, ultimately serving as a key to growth.

Below is a Q&A with Edwin Miller, Founder and CEO of 9Lenses, who shares how healthcare companies can perfect decisions for a better business bottom line.

What is 9Lenses?
9Lenses is a software platform that acts as a comprehensive business map because somewhere within every organization, someone has a better solution, and that person has to be asked. By integrating stakeholders into decision-making through virtual interviews – execs (the “question askers”) can gain deeper insights about the gaps and inefficiencies that can be seen better by employees, clients, or vendors. When execs get this intelligence and act quickly to improve operations – they build trust and respect, eventually driving better employee engagement.

How is 9Lenses different from an online survey?
Surveys are great for restaurants, movie-goers, and even for other businesses when surface level insights are required. But they lack real value in organizations when the goal is to diagnose the status of operations, training, staffing, or other processes in order to make big decisions. The 9Lenses platform takes into account the different points of view of the stakeholders across organizational divisions, supply chains, and geographies. The platform then processes these insights to give executives access to real-time analytics and actionable information. This allows executives to rapidly act to improve one or more processes from procurement to hiring to supply chain realignments, and more.

How can the virtual interviews lead to a valuable diagnosis of an organization?
When healthcare consultants and C-suite execs notice a lack of employee engagement, organizational misalignment, high employee turnover, or a new system or processes not working properly – they need to fix it. But the challenge is identifying the root cause of a problem. 9Lenses gets to the bottom of what is causing the pain. For instance, one of our clients presumed their CRM was faulty and were ready for an expensive tech overhaul. But after running a 9Lenses interview with 200 of their sales team members spread across the nation, they discovered the problem wasn’t the system but that the sales team members were not inputting data into the CRM in a regular manner! This meant that the decision-makers could probe further and decide on a less expensive corrective-course than a tech overhaul.

Ultimately, does all of this lead to improved operations?
Yes and here’s a simple example to show how. If ER machinery is not getting relocated on schedule, it could indicate to execs that additional machines (big expense) are needed. But, what if an employee knew this situation could be solved by simply staggering worker break times to ensure there is always someone available to move equipment around? When this employee gets the chance to be a part of the problem-solving process, he/she is more engaged and can accept readjustments to processes with lesser friction. What’s more, the readjust made is quicker and most likely correct – increasing savings on time, value, and money and increasing workforce morale. 

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