Veda Launches Vectyr Provider Database

Updated on March 8, 2023

Veda, a healthcare data company dedicated to solving the industry’s most complex data issues, has launched Vectyr: Data Curation, the most comprehensive and accurate data to build optimal provider networks. The database is the engine behind Veda’s other products, Quantym: Data Quality Scoring and Velocity: Process Automation, and is now available to customers on-demand.

Veda curates data from over 100,000 unique sources, optimizing results for each provider every 24 hours. Rigorous scientific validation methodology ensures that users have the most up-to-date data for every provider in the country, on-demand, every day. The database provides records for physicians, nurses, allied health, behavioral health, pharmacists, and dental providers.

“Accuracy, flexibility and efficiency are the three key elements our customers are seeking,” said Dr. Bob Lindner, Veda co-founder and Chief Science and Technology Officer. “With Vectyr, we’re pairing the most accurate and reliable data with the most flexible query options so developers can solve a wide variety of problems without the need for custom end-points.”

Vectyr features more than 50 key data elements including demographic and contact information; specialty and credentialing details; practice locations and group affiliation.

Vectyr data has consistently been shown to be more than 90 percent accurate which means that users can have confidence that everything from contact information to associated specialties and plan coverage is up to date. 

Health systems, health plans, pharmacies, provider groups, and other related enterprises can now efficiently and effectively access accurate data through Vectyr to fill network gaps, recruit, enhance referral networks, pre-populate credentialing, remove friction from claims processing, and more.

“The launch of Vectyr is one more way that Veda is solving the provider data needs of our customers,” said Meghan Gaffney, Veda co-founder and CEO. “Inaccurate provider data is a significant barrier to efficient health plan operations, care-delivery, interoperability and ultimately patient satisfaction. Bringing validated, scientific solutions to the marketplace will ensure that the promise of effective data in healthcare operations is realized.”

About Veda

Veda blends science and imagination to solve healthcare’s most complex data issues. Through human-in-the-loop Smart Automation, our solutions dramatically increase productivity, enable compliance and empower healthcare businesses to focus on delivering care. Veda’s platforms are simple to use and require no technical skills or drastic system changes, because we envision a future for healthcare where data isn’t a barrier—it’s an opportunity. To learn more about Veda, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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