Useful Tips to Combat Early Stages of Hair Loss

Updated on May 25, 2022

Hair loss is a significant concern to many people, and we can do a lot to combat it in its initial stages. Hair loss occurs for many reasons, but old age is the leading. You can also try a few things to combat hair loss, though they depend on why it is falling off. 

It will help to monitor your hair constantly to detect any signs of hair loss before it reaches adverse stages. This article will discuss helpful tips for fighting hair loss in the first stages. 

Take Extra Protein

Research conducted in 2017 stated that most people experiencing hair loss had low amino acid and protein intake. It is believed that incorporating extra proteins into your diet is beneficial for hair regrowth. 

It is also believed that taking multivitamin supplements aids in hair regrowth. A Therapy and Dermatology review stated the roles of several minerals and vitamins when preventing hair loss. However, lack of specific vitamins is a leading cause of this condition.

Below are some of the essential minerals and vitamins you should try;

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin E

Change Your Hairstyle

Styling your hair to pull it causes specific hair loss called traction alopecia. According to a study, these styles can also cause scarring, which causes permanent hair loss. Traction alopecia is treatable when detected early but can be more adverse when ignored. 

Limiting your tight hairstyles to prevent traction alopecia or combining them with looser styles is advisable. 

Avoid Vaping or Smoking

A 2020 review showed that regular smokers are more likely to experience androgenetic alopecia than others. Experts recommend that we avoid smoking or vaping to prevent hair loss.

Remember, nicotine affects the natural breakdown of the DHT hormone, prolonging its effects on the hair follicles. 

Have a Healthy Diet 

Experts believe that you might begin experiencing hair loss; suppose you lack certain essential nutrients like iron, zinc, and protein. Taking a balanced diet consisting of several foods ensures you get these nutrients in plenty, facilitating hair growth.

Look After Your Scalp and Hair

Frequently perming, dying and relaxing your hair can cause hair loss with time. Experts recommend we limit these procedures to reduce breakage and keep them healthy. The FDA has authorized two drugs to combat androgenetic alopecia, including; finasteride, a pill and minoxidil, a topical medicine. 

These medications are not used before you detect a hair loss, and you should seek medical attention immediately after you notice baldness. 

Increase Your Vitamin A Intake

Vitamin A is composed of certain retinoid parts that are believed to enhance hair growth, ensuring the scalp is healthy and increasing its hair-retaining ability. Take diets rich in vitamin A like sweet potatoes, spinach and sweet peppers to promote healthy hair.

Kindly consider contacting hair transplant experts for more information. 

Final Thoughts 

Hair loss is a common issue in both men and women, and it occurs for several reasons. This condition can be treated in the initial stages, and the above information will help you achieve that. Kindly reach out for more details. 

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