Types And Symptoms Of Headaches

Updated on August 21, 2019
Types And Symptoms Of Headaches copy

We all have gone through our days of severe throbbing in the head. Headache is very common among all adults and there are numerous causes behind the same. We can experience them on both the sides of our head, on the back of our head and also on the front of our head. Headache gets our undivided attention and all we are looking for is a relief. 

Allergy headache

One of the most common forms of headache is an allergy headache. The location for the pain is in our face because of the sinuses being affected. In an allergy headache, there is usually a throbbing pain on one side of the face. Based on the headache location chart from The Pain Relief Center, it is ideal to avoid the sunlight because it only increases the intensity of the headache. It is associated with all things we are allergic to. The most common triggers for allergy headaches are stress, sinus congestion, smoke, and certain foods. 

Chronic daily headache

A chronic daily headache occurs very frequently which is 15 days out of a month for about six months or more. The location for the headache will vary because it includes different types of headaches. It could be chronic migraine, persistent headache on a daily basis and a chronic tension-type headache. Common causes of the headache include overuse of headache medications. Other causes are infections, inflammation or problems with blood vessels in the brain area, brain tumor, and brain injury. You need to visit a doctor in case of a daily headache and he might order an MRI or a CT scan in addition to getting the family history about a headache. 


An aneurysm can feel like a migraine and is dangerous because it can lead to a stroke. In case of a slow and steady leak of blood in the brain, it can cause us to slip into unconsciousness. The location of the headache is severe pain behind or above one or both of the ears. Its symptoms include loss of vision, loss of balance, numbness on one side of the face and difficulty in speaking.

There are different tests and treatments for all three types of headaches. While an allergy headache is very common amongst most adults, an aneurysm is the least common and most serious of them all. It is something you should not brush off as a common headache. Based on the symptoms and the intensity of the pain, the doctor might advise you to take additional tests and then could decide on the type of treatment. A headache can hamper your work and will constantly ask for attention. Unless you get relief from it, you will not be able to function normally. It is best to avoid taking headache medication time and again. If you have persistent headaches which do not feel better even after a medication or home treatment, you should not waste any time and visit the doctor at the earliest. 

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