Top High Paying Healthcare Jobs in 2021

Updated on April 13, 2021


As time goes on, so does the labor market! Trends change, and the market is constantly disrupted by the appearance of new technologies and unexpected factors. This statement is especially applicable to the healthcare industry. 

If you work in the healthcare industry, you might find this particular article quite interesting. Modern medicine and healthcare are growing and evolving at incredible rates and are leading to considerable shifts in terms of salary among professionals that are causing them to switch job roles, especially considering the impact of COVID-19. That’s why this piece explores the top high paying healthcare jobs in 2021.



As expected, surgeons keep the number one spot in the list of top high paying jobs. According to the most recent statistics available, a median annual salary of a surgeon is around $252,040, which is quite impressive, to say the least. Such a situation is expected as even resume writers online are swarmed by the requests to create applications that will land this job. It’s just that impressive of a paycheck. 


Yet another high paying job. Although recent global events have led to a slight reduction in compensation and job opportunities, being a physician is still a great direction if you want to earn a lot. This sort of occupation is about as diverse as it gets. Physicians are treating patients through the use of different approaches, so keep that in mind and be specific if you are hiring resume writers online to assist you with an application letter. 


This healthcare job has been one of the better rewarded for a long time and continues to be! Although the prime duty is dispersing medicine, pharmacists can do a lot of different stuff. The list includes but is not limited to immunization, lifestyle counseling, and health screening. If you ask a resume writer online, one will state that pharmacists have more duties up to their sleeves than you would suggest.

Nurse Anesthetist

This is one of the best paying nursing jobs available out there. A nurse anaesthetist is an advanced nursing position that requires specific qualifications and skills. In the majority of cases, these nurses work closely with people who are highly demanding medical training. The main role is to ensure that a patient is properly sedated prior to any sort of invasive procedure – a solid task to say the least.


Traditionally, dentists were in high demand and continue to be. Some people consider them to be jewelers of the healthcare industry as their job is quite intricate and demanding in terms of skills. As a result, they are some of the best paid professionals in the field. 


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It’s a well-known fact that the number of people with mental problems is continuously rising due to a variety of factors that cannot be avoided. That is why psychologists are so in demand nowadays. These healthcare professionals focus on treating mental health of their patients through a variety of means – whether it’s a conversation or medication.

Final thoughts

2021 is quite a year for the global healthcare industry. All the current events have switched the salaries of healthcare professionals in one way or another. However, some of the highest paid jobs remain the same as usual. 

If you are considering switching a direction due to salary expectations, this process will require a lot of work. However, healthcare workers are known for their dedication! Anyway, if you have difficulties making a proper resume for this purpose, try contacting resume writers – they will help you out. With that said, good luck with finding a healthcare job that you will truly enjoy!

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