Top 5 Mobility aids providers in UK

Updated on April 29, 2022

For children and disabled person need care with special needs, mobility is the key to finding personal freedom to overcome physical problems. They need special assistance. Therefore, finding the right assistive devices can be difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are many mobility aids providers in the UK to help you find a mobile device for the disabled person.

Millercare – The Mobility Aids Specialists: 

Here at Millercare, they pride themselves on always providing the best and most affordable mobility aids. This includes a mobility scooter, wheelchair, Incontinence products, and much more. With over 60 years of customer service experience, they are the leading mobility aid company in the North West of England. They provide no-obligation advice to clients from all over the UK and ensure that the customer’s needs are met to a satisfactory level.

They are proud to be able to help customers get back independent and buy the best mobility aids for their needs. Customers can find a wide range of products as well as information about Millercare’s local branches if you are willing to order online. 

Elite mobility:

Welcome to Elite Mobility Limited, a family business specializing in the mobility product market. Founded in April 2000, they celebrate their 20th anniversary as a trusted moving dealer. They have grown into one of the UK’s leading mobility specialists providing high-quality and competitively priced scooters, wheelchairs, beds, chairs, and wheelchairs.

With their headquarters in Bristol and consultants across the country, they can provide free home demos across the UK. Their consultants are certified for mobility and update the latest product information. This means they can give you the best advice to help. You choose the best gear from the wide range of Mobility Scooters, from the Mini Crosser to prescription wheelchairs and power chair attachments.

Mobility solution:

They are the leading UK brands such as Pride, Invacare, Roma, Van Os, Kymco, and Drive Medical. Their mobility scooters include foldable and lightweight scooters. With a wide selection of mobility scooters and mobility aids to suit you, you will definitely find what you need.

At Mobility Solutions, they pride itself on offering a wide selection of mobility scooters. They have a wide range of options for electric mobility scooters, including eight mph road mobility scooters, Ultra-lightweight foldable mobility scooters, Mobile Boot Scooters, sidewalk mobility scooters, and four mph indoor and outdoor scooters. Mobility scooters are a great way to hang out. Although the distance you can walk comfortably is limited. 

  • Seat cushion for comfort and safety in use.
  • A battery pack that you charge with your mains plugged in.
  • Easy-to-use steering, brakes, and speed control

Monarch mobility:

As they are one of the UK’s leading mobility scooter specialists and mobility aids, Monarch Mobility offers the widest range of mobility devices. With a 20-year reputation built on outstanding customer service. They have made it the mission to become the UK’s #1 dealer for mobility scooters and electric chairs. They have a wide range of handicap and mobility aids and discover mobility scooters, electric chairs, wheelchairs, and stairlifts, along with other products.

They pride themselves on the attentive service they provide to their loyal customers by offering quality products that are second to none. Monarch mobility’s fully trained mobility scooter team operates across the UK mainland, even though they have a showroom in the UK. They would be delighted to meet you. This means you can test drive a mobility scooter or a wheelchair at your convenience.


At Tzora Mobility Scooters, their ambition has always been to produce, develop and market the best mobility scooters. The goal is to continually meet the unique needs of customers and provide them with the utmost convenience as well as an easy user experience. In addition, they consider various factors that influence the decision to buy the car that best suits your needs and budget.

They understand that people have different needs and expectations about their mobility scooters due to different situations. Therefore, the TZORA scooter is very lightweight, easy to fold, and fast, perfect for approved travel and flights. In addition, they are suitable for a variety of terrain and are made from the most durable materials. They also offer competitive pricing to ensure value for your investment. Over the last three decades, Tzora Mobility Scooters have developed, manufactured, and supplied some of the best portable, lightweight, and foldable mobility scooters to the highest standards.

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