Tips on hair loss anxiety for men


Hair loss anxiety symptoms such as feeling low, lacking confidence and even sleepless nights, are more common than you might expect. Humans subconsciously link hair volume in both men and women with youthfulness, and it can be a shock to the self-image to begin to lose hair.

While some men simply shave their heads or cut their hair short and remain bald for the rest of their days, that only takes care of the physical issue of thinning hair. The mental issue of hair loss is very real, and can have negative consequences for some men.

While men’s mental health is rightly being promoted in the media and by doctors, feeling low because of baldness can still be a difficult thing to open up about. You’re expected to “man up” or “get on with it”, and leave the business of caring about your appearance to women.

Not only is this unfair, it doesn’t deal with the problem. Some more practical solutions are:


If you’re feeling anxious about aging, then talking it through with a professional can help. There used to be a stigma attached to seeing a councillor, but thankfully that is becoming a thing of the past.

Shaving it off

Some men feel better when they have taken things into their own hands and dealt with the problem, even if the outcome isn’t exactly what they wanted. Remember you can’t stick your hair back onto your head once it’s been shaved off, and it may take a few months to grow back, so be 100% sure you’re ok with the drastic change before you go ahead.

Do nothing

It might just be a case of getting used to something new. After all, you’ve had hair your whole life, and it can be a little strange to think of life without it. Given a little time, you may just get used to the idea and feel better about it.

Invest in a toupee, wig or hairpiece 

Hair pieces have come a long way since the dodgy wigs of the 1970’s and 80’s. Toupees now can be undetectable, have realistic partings, and be perfectly shaped for your head. They can be glued into place with special glue that allows you to keep it attached for several days, play sports and even swim.

Get a hair transplant

Hair transplants too have come a long way since they were first invented. With a very high success rate and minimal downtime, the hair transplant Turkey industry is cornering the market in quick, state of the art transplants. Companies such as MedAway can organise a whole package for you, allowing for recovery time and transporting you to and from the hospital, airport and accommodation. Also, you can consider PRP injections at