These Are The First Steps For Your Health Tech Website

Updated on May 27, 2021

Health tech is one of the biggest industries today, and for good reason. It is a combination of the two most important drivers of progress in human society. Anyone who can create a health solution that improves or even saves lives has an incredible product on their hands. But creating a successful health tech startup is not as simple as putting your product out there.

You are going to need an effective means of selling your product. An attractive, functional ecommerce website is fundamental. You can create ecommerce pages in minutes with website builders, with tools like point of sales systems making the whole system run seamlessly. Take a look at Dadi, a male fertility health tech startup. Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify all offer ecommerce tools to create a functioning order portal.

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Succeeding as a health tech startup requires more than an excellent product. If you’re entering the health tech startup world with a brand new website, here are the steps you need to follow.

Create “Two Websites”

We’re not really suggesting you create two separate websites (although some companies do). However, when entering the health tech startup field, your website is going to need to fulfil two very different purposes.

One of these purposes will be practically selling the product. As we’ve explained, the basics are fairly simple. It is important to note that the content you include in your web store needs to be professional quality. If the photos of your product were taken on your phone, you are undermining your entire sales process. You also need to invest time and money into creating effective product descriptions that sell.

The other purpose of your website is more complicated. Your website needs to do all of the following.

Introduce your product

In order to market your product, you need to explain from the start exactly what it does. This explanation needs to be clear and concise. It should contain no caveats or clauses (and any legal caveats can be marked with an asterisk).

Introduce your company

Health products are not like any other products. People will dig deeper to find out about the producers of a health product. You need to show your credentials, while appearing friendly and trustworthy. In other words, we’re not talking about listing your qualifications (see the next point). Rather, introduce your company by providing information about the staff, your mission statement, your goals, and so on.

Share your qualifications

You need to dedicate time to sharing your qualifications in a way that anyone can understand. A bunch of letters after a name is just confusing for most people. Rather, you need to explain how you were able to create the product, including the research you did.

Write the legalese

Your website needs to include all the legalese that will prevent people from suing you for misunderstandings and misuse of your product. You need to make sure you’re using all the right language so that you don’t state your product can do something if it is not always 100% effective. This is the case with any health equipment or medication. Your legal team will advise you on this.

Sell yourself to investors

If you are still looking for investors in order to improve your product or take your company further, you can use a page on your website to sell yourself to them. Write about your success thus far and what you have projected according to accurate models. Provide access to the research you’ve done in this regard.

Include information on the condition your product treats

This is not strictly necessary, but it does show that you have a good grasp of the condition your potential customers are struggling with. Blog posts about treatment of the condition as well as any related news stories can bring in organic traffic, introducing more people to your product.

As you can see, your website needs to do a lot. You’re demonstrating not only your product’s worth but your worth as a company as well, while ensuring you don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Customer support

When it comes to health, customer support is crucial. Your website should have a number of ways to get in touch. One of these ways should be a live chat on the site. You need to train multiple staff who can take shifts in this role at all hours.

No matter how good your product is, problems occur. They may be entirely the fault of the user, but it is still your responsibility to ensure they are taken care of. Bad customer support can tank a health tech startup, as reviews can lead potential new customers to seek alternative providers who they feel they can trust.

Your health tech website needs to do a lot. Not only are you providing a means of buying your product online, but you are also providing all the necessary context in a way that sells it to discerning customers. Take time with your website and don’t forget to come up with a solid customer support system.

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