Thermo compression bonding is the new break-through in ultra-thin wire components

Updated on May 28, 2020
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Ultra-fine wire technology is becoming the new trend in the medial domain. This has led to the search for new methods for connecting the ultra-fine wires across numerous devices. Though the traditional methods could help to a certain extent, they had certain major challenges. 

Challenges posed by the traditional methods

The traditional methods included welding and soldering. These methods were much more based on external current or heat source. 

They posed the following challenges:

  • Since the wires were thinner in size, the external heat could damage the wires. 
  • Oxidation of the surrounding areas of the wire due to its combination with nascent oxygen
  • Reliability of the material faced challenges since the degradation of the wire was a risk.

With these challenges, it became pertinent to look for a solution. Thermo compression bonding is a solution to the above problem that has considerably better results in joining the ultra-thin wires. 

Why is thermo-compression bonding helpful?

Thermo compression bonding is a method that is essentially used for connecting the ultra-thin wires. 

The wires have to follow these specific criteria:

  • Wires of the same size or the thickness of one wire maximum of 12 times as compared to the other piece of wire.
  • Wires of similar material

This method has shown comparatively good results due to the following reasons:

  • The reduction in the noise level during the process of manufacturing. 
  • The method is economical with lesser manufacturing cost
  • Results into the production of corrosion-free material that is durable and highly reliable. 
  • Products manufactured show good performance across different environmental conditions. This is why, industrial scale production of the components is under way.
  • Durability of the medical equipment produced are more, compared to their competitors. 

Since this method has shown considerable improvement in process, it is applicable across a number of applications. 

Applications of thermo-compression bonding

Due to the high durability and better results of the product, they find application across numerous fields. 

Certain areas of its application include:

  • You can monitor the implants which are present within the human body by using these products. You can also use them in the brain stimulation components to manage the pain.
  • Various therapeutic applications are also applicable using the appliances produced by thermo-compression bonding. 
  • When it comes to targeted delivery of drugs or targeted catheter placements, the devices produced by thermo-compression bonding find myriad applications.
  • The products are also the best ones, when it comes to dental and orthopedic treatment since they are small in size and ensure high durability. 
  • In the wireless medical applications, the device find applicability, in the field of diagnostics. 

What holds in the future for ultra-fine wires?

Ultra-fine wire technology is here to stay. With the increased medical applications in knowing the human body, the demand for ultra-thin wires is going to increase eventually.

 Moreover, high-quality wires and products are also required in other domains, with myriad applications. Thermo compression bonding is a technology that will work on an industrial scale to manufacture such devices. 

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