The Use of Bioresonance Devices for Diagnostics

Bioresonance is a cutting-edge method for diagnostics with proven efficiency. It offers a non-invasive system based on body cell frequencies. Today, the equipment is adopted by increasing numbers of clinics and institutions worldwide. Here is an overview of the technology and the advantages it brings. 

Top bioresonance equipment not only simplifies diagnostics of most known illnesses and disorders. It also helps identify effective treatment in each individual case. The accuracy of the obtained data is impressive — just under 100%. Latest models like Sensitiv Imago 535 have a wide range of applications. To learn about sensitiv imago 535 price, visit the provider’s website.

The Key Principle

One of the main advantages is the opportunity to identify adverse changes in the early stages before symptoms become obvious. The system uses bio-impedance, bio-magnetic resonance, or the state-frequency wave imprinting test for detection. It identifies changes on the cellular level. When cells in a certain body part are stressed, the machine shows it. Cells with damaged DNA have distorted wave patterns. It is possible to identify:

  • viruses,
  • pathogens,
  • parasites,
  • nutritional deficiencies, 
  • sensitivities (e.g., chemical toxicity, mold, yeast, etc.)

Detection is based on frequencies from the patient’s body. For example, when there are pathological changes in the liver, its frequency pattern is different from the norm. The pathogens themselves have a special frequency, which is also detected by the system. All frequencies are picked up through the use of applicators. These are placed either on the body or in body fluids.

Safe Way to Diagnose

Bioresonance equipment is classified as one of the safest diagnostics tools. This is confirmed by medical insurance companies. It is safe for all ages — bioresonance is even used for the diagnosis of disorders in fetuses inside the womb. There are no side effects, and the method is effective for animals as well as humans. It has been shown to help with milk intolerance, ADHD, vaccination damage, and other issues in young subjects. Other commonly treated conditions include:

  • allergies; 
  • eczema;
  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • smoking; 
  • digestion disorders;
  • cancer;
  • fibromyalgia.

Not only does the machine spot abnormal wave patterns. It can also normalize the frequencies to trigger self-healing. Bioresonance is based on a holistic view of the body. Any illness begins on the cellular level, which makes such treatment possible. 

Cost-Effective Method

Diagnosis via bioresonance is in many cases cheaper than other systems. As the device successfully detects abnormal changes, their location is pinpointed. This often eliminates the need for extensive testing, which means lower costs for patients and institutions. The number of any additional tests is reduced. Bioresonance diagnostics is often much more affordable than a hospital or laboratory test. 

Bottom Line

Bioresonance equipment provides a new way to identify and treat conditions and diseases. Based on wave frequency, it is not invasive and has no side effects. Effective for patients of all ages, it is not just efficient, but also notable cost-effective. 

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