The Truvada Drug and the Potential Deadly Side Effects

Updated on August 22, 2019
The Truvada Drug and the Potential Deadly Side Effects copy
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Close to 40 million people across the globe are currently living with HIV. 

Thanks to numerous advances in medication and treatments, positive people can live much happier, longer, and healthier lives than in the past. In fact, many living with HIV are currently undetectable, which means that thanks to the medicines they’re taking, they cannot pass HIV on to another person. 

While great strides have been made in HIV/AIDS research, some medications have certainly been more successful than others. 

If you’re currently taken or have taken the Truvada drug in the past, you’ve likely read articles and perhaps even received information about the Truvada lawsuit. 

But what’s really going on, and what are the potentially dangerous side effects of the Truvada HIV medication? 

Keep on reading to find out. 

Understanding Truvada and TDF

Before we get into the specifics of the lawsuits, let’s make sure you know what Truvada and other TDF drugs (short for tenofovir disoproxil fumarate) are meant to do. 

The Truvada drug is used in combination with other medications to treat patients that are living with HIV.

It is also sold in its PrEP form to prevent an HIV infection from taking hold in a negative person when they had had a sexual, medical, or other encounters with a positive person.   

Many people, whether they or positive or negative, take Truvada in either form every day. 

Gilead is the pharmaceutical company responsible for putting Truvada on the market. Now, let’s take a look at the more common side effects of Truvada. 

Common Truvada Drug Side Effects

As with any kind of pharmaceutical, the Truvada drug comes with the potential for side effects. 

The most common side effects include pain in the stomach, nausea and vomiting, headaches, joint and back pain, and dizziness.

Others may experience sudden and persistent rashes across the skin, diarrhea, and even depression and other changes in mood. 

While it’s important to be mindful of any and all side effects no matter the medication, the above side effects are common for a variety of pharmaceuticals and usually fade with time. 

Unfortunately, recent research has shown that Truvada often has much more severe and life-threatening side effects. 

What’s more? 

The manufacturer Gilead not only knew about these side effects and failed to properly inform people. They also actively delayed getting safer medication on the market. 

This has lead to countless lawsuits. Let’s speak more about these serious side effects now. 

The Serious Risks of the Truvada Medication

Recently, patients and medical professionals have found serious long-term side effects from Truvada and other TDF drugs. 

Some of the most harmful ones relate to the kidneys.

Truvada has been shown to cause chronic kidney disease, kidney injuries, renal and kidney failure, and trouble with urination.

If you’ve noticed serious swelling in your feet and are often short of breath while taking Truvada? You should speak to a medical professional right away. 

Additionally, liver problems have been associated with taking Truvada.

Many say that the medication causes jaundice, a loss of appetite, and the development of what’s called lactic acidosis. This can head to liver damage and failure. 

This means that your blood is overpowered by lactic acid. It’s especially common in women and those who already have a low CD4 cell count. Lactic acidosis can be fatal. 

Further, many say that Truvada caused them to have a much weaker overall bone density. This means that they were much more susceptible to bone fractures, osteoporosis, back problems, and brittle bone disease. 

People who have taken Truvada may become permanently ill or even disabled because of side effects caused by the medication that was supposed to help them. 

While not everyone who takes Truvada will suffer from these horrific side effects, the reality is that many already have.

Are you thinking about taking legal action?

Should You File a Truvada Lawsuit?

If you have suffered from any of the above side effects of Truvada, you are entitled to have justice. 

The reality is that Gilead acted in an incredibly negligent and unbelievably selfish way. They should be held accountable. Many people are filing Truvada lawsuits now.

This is because they want to receive financial compensation for medical care and pain and suffering caused by this dangerous medication. 

Are you thinking of suing the makers of Truvada? 

If so, we highly suggest setting up an appointment with a legal professional. 

Their expertise will help you to learn more about your rights and how to prove that your illness happened because of Truvada. A lawyer will also help you to correctly file the lawsuit and get the maximum amount of compensation possible. 

Don’t let Gilead get away with their irresponsible actions. 

Understand the Truvada Drug and Side Effects Before Taking It 

Above all, we hope this post has served as a reminder of the importance of doing as much research about the Truvada drug and any other kind of medication before you decide to take it. 

While Truvada and other medicines like it can and have helped people, often, they can end up doing more harm than good. Talk to a medical professional and discuss your other options for staying safe and healthy outside of Truvada. 

Looking for more tips on how to file a Gilead lawsuit? Want to learn about the potential side effects of other medication you’re currently taking? 

Our blog is here to help. 

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