The Book of Outreach; How to Astonish Customers & Earn Flight Requests…Taking Flight Soon

Updated on November 2, 2021
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After 19 + years creating Outreach methods – templates – systems and software to inform clinicians and technicians at flight programs throughout the USA on how to astonish customers and earn flight requests – THE BOOK OF OUTREACH; How to Astonish Customers & Earn Flight Requests (TBO) is taking flight soon.

TBO also contains wisdom from more than 39 years on both sides of the Critical Medical Aviation equation where I was a customer working as a paramedic in the field requesting helicopters for incidents like motor-vehicle accident entrapments or as an EMS / Trauma Coordinator at a Community Hospital – making flight requests when our Emergency Department took in patients that required transport to Tertiary Care Centers.

“The other side” has been as a mentor and educator working and flying with flight program clients throughout our nation – active in day to day efforts to be safe and earn their customer’s trust and flight requests.

As a customer – I learned – quite well – how to size up six flight programs that desired to serve us. There were those that really knew Outreach and excelled at the VACC MissionMetrics and those that were T-shirt, Ball Cap, Lapel Pin, Pen & Pizza Pushers – clueless about what really mattered to me and my colleagues at the EMS agency or Community Hospital where I was employed.  How the top Outreachers and flight programs performed and astonished (filled with wonder and amazement) to earn my trust and flight requests and the trust and flight requests of those with whom I worked – is communicated in The Book of Outreach.

I have had the pleasure to engage, immerse in and fly with flight programs throughout the USA and Australia. I have encountered brilliance and been inspired and I have witnessed behaviors and practices that had to be changed. TBO will share examples of these to help learners and Outreachers to execute high-performance Outreach and to understand what is not to be tolerated in our high consequences – high criticality – high reliability operating environment. So many are counting on us – we simply cannot – ever – let them down.

The Book of Outreach will also provide rich content from many highly experienced Subject Matter Experts and clients of our firm that share their wisdom to help Outreachers to elevate their Outreach effectiveness to – overall – elevate the effectiveness of their services and the outcomes for all in their market spaces.

“The Simple-Seven” Core Chapters;

• I – How To Set Up Customers for Success Mind-Set; Discovering and Acting On The Three Intrinsic Drivers + AIL ™

• II – How to Triage Customers to Attain Optimal Allocation of Scarce Outreach Resources – The OutreachMATRIX ™

• III – How to Execute the Most Effective Outreach Educational Events (Place-Based & Digital / Hybrid) – The EVERlasting Model ™

• IV – How to Measure Outreach Success; VACC Mission Metrics ™

• V – Outreach Innovation & Differentiation; How to Out-Outreach Your Competitors – NVO ™

• VI – How to Manage Customer Complaints & Conflicts; The AIR Process ™

• VII – Putting it All Together & Execution; Outreach Monthly Modular Plan ™

TBO will be available at in the Kindle platform – therefore – digital links will work to see videos and other content linked to the book. A paperback version will be published too. April 2019.

We are offering this in a limited edition – therefore – if you desire to be notified in advance when The Book of Outreach goes live – please e.mail [email protected] or call / text 330.623.5910.

Special thanks to those that have made their reservations. You are assured access and copies.

There are 3 more reservations left – so order now! (Don’t you hate it when companies do that. There are actually 4 left. And if you make your book reservation before 1400 ET – you qualify to win a T-shirt and a new EC-145 in the paint scheme of your choice.)

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