The Benefits of Vaccine to Human Health

Updated on April 7, 2021
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Vaccines have been around for centuries, and the impact it has to public health has been very significant. It is an essential part of the healthcare system as it can provide considerable benefits to the public’s health. 

However, even though vaccines have already been proven to play a significant role in preventing the spread of diseases, people are still not convinced about their effectiveness and safety. Let us learn about the benefits a vaccine contributed to the public’s health. It is also essential for us to understand why the government urges the public to participate in vaccination programs. 

Vaccine Reduces Diseases and Death 

Since the vaccine’s birth, there has been an undeniable decrease in the spreading of infectious diseases, and the mortality from these illnesses significantly dropped. The then most dangerous and highly contagious diseases that once wiped out countries have been stopped using the vaccines. 

Today, those diseases rarely exist in developed countries. Vaccines give people a choice not to become ill with the deadliest diseases globally. 

One example of how beneficial vaccines are to public health takes us back to 1918-19, when the deadly Spanish influenza claimed millions of lives. During the Spanish flu outbreak, there have already been vaccines available to prevent other diseases, such as the smallpox vaccine, rabies vaccine, and typhoid fever vaccine. 

The Spanish flu produced three waves which killed millions of people. People who believe in vaccines’ power have high hopes that a vaccine will be created to end Spanish influenza as the second wave of the infections surged. 

True enough, a vaccine for Spanish influenza was created, and when it was distributed, the number of recorded infections and deaths decreased significantly. The descendants of the 1918 flu virus are still among us as it is what makes up the flu viruses we are still battling today. 

Even though Spanish influenza has claimed millions of lives the first time it exploded in 1918, today, because of the vaccine, we only experience mild symptoms, and the severe effect of the virus has also noticeably diminished. 

Wide Range Effect

Unlike most medicines where its benefits are only restricted to the individual who is taking it, vaccines, on the other hand, have a vast effect, including in the utilization of health services, the general health and well being of the public, cognitive development, and ultimately in economic productivity. 

Vaccination has a positive impact not only on the individual receiving the immunization but also indirectly benefits the unvaccinated community due to herd immunity. 

Additionally, immunization programs also positively impact epidemiology, preventing epidemic cycles. Vaccines can also improve the general public’s health, which is why vaccines are created in the first place. 

All-time Protection 

Immunization has not only protected humanity in the past centuries and at present but will also play a significant role in health protection in the future. Once you choose to get vaccinated, you already helped wipe out viruses and bacteria that cause diseases that could spread today and into the future.

By choosing to vaccinate your whole family, you now have a contribution to a more healthy future where your children and grandchildren will live without fear lingering due to a particular disease. 

Although there are still more pandemics anticipated to break out in the future, we should not be worried because of vaccines. At present, we are experiencing another pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus that infected and already killed millions globally. 

Vaccines took ten years to develop in the past, but pharmaceutical companies have produced COVID-19 vaccines in less than a year during this pandemic. Many experts have doubted the COVID-19 vaccine to be available as soon as it did. With the great minds behind the vaccine and the advancement of technology, the COVID-19 vaccine reached the public sooner than anticipated. 

Vaccine became more popular during covid and is expected to protect the community today and in the future against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that caused the current COVID-19 pandemic. Before developing vaccines, thousands of children from diseases like tetanus, diphtheria, and measles are now being prevented by immunization. 

Even the Spanish flu that was once a huge pandemic, is now in control thanks to vaccines. There has been a lot of evidence that proved both the efficacy and safety of vaccines present for centuries, which is why it is best to consider vaccination to help the community reach the herd immunity for a specific disease. 

In Conclusion 

Vaccination is the answer to putting a stop to a global pandemic and saving millions of lives every year. It is an effective and safe course to take to keep yourself, your family, and the whole community from acquiring deadly diseases. Vaccines are only distributed once it is proven safe and practical which is why it is still best to consider immunization to keep your whole family protected at all times. 

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