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The 10-Minute Knee Replacement Surgery in the UAE

Knee replacement is a surgical process done on a knee flawed by arthritis. Surgeons use metal and plastic materials to surround the ends of the bones, which form the knee joint and the kneecap. You might consider this operation if you have acute arthritis or knee injury.

Almost 1% of the arthritis patients in the UAE have rheumatoid arthritis, and more than 20% of the population suffers from arthritis. You should never ignore any joint pains with stiffness and swelling. Consult your doctor for screening and to start treatment to prevent the disease from progressing.

Why Knee Replacement is Important

Knee replacement operation is an important process that helps to treat discomfort and impairment in the knee. Osteoarthritis is one of the conditions that lead to the requirement for this surgery. Osteoarthritis causes the disintegration of joint cartilage. When the bone wears out, your movement is limited, and you feel discomfort. You cannot do simple actions, such as climbing steps or hiking. Other types of arthritis can cause breakdown of the knee joint. Injuries, broken, ripped ligament and ligaments can also cause irreversible damage on your knee joints. Doctors might propose knee replacement operation when medical treatment is not satisfactory. However, there may be other basis for your physician to advocate for this surgery.

The 10-Minute Knee Replacement Procedure

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Did you know that you can get a 10-minute knee replacement operation and walk after only 2 hours? The RAK hospital teamed with Shalby Hospitals India by signing a contract with the founder and chairman Dr. Vikram Shah.

Understanding the Procedure

Dr. Vikram Shah chaperones the ‘zero technique’ 10-minute total knee replacement surgery. A total knee replacement operation takes approximately 2 hours, and the laceration is about 7 inches. However, during this procedure, the surgeon makes a smaller cut of 4 inches. This is a wise strategy that causes less bleeding, less pain, and the patient doesn’t require transfusion. When you search for a surgeon near me, ensure that you choose qualified and certified professionals to avoid malpractices.

Quicker Recovery

Dr. Vikram Shah does the operation under spinal anesthesia to promote quick recovery. Unlike other surgeons, this specialist eliminates all instances of delay. Specialists usually conduct various trials on the joint, and this uses a minimum 15 minutes, which means more time.

When the specialist makes the incision, he completes the soft tissue balancing instantly after placing the knee. This only requires 1 trial. Patients start walking after 2 hours and climbing stairs after 7 hours and can ho home after 3 days. You can search for a doctor near me Dubai to look for a specialist prior to deciding to go for this operation.

According to the specialist, this is the latest approach that includes effective planning and patient counseling. The physician has also designed an OS needle, which is an orthopedic surgeon’s needle that penetrates both the bone and soft tissue effortlessly. This reduces operation and recuperation time.

Successful Surgeries

Dr. Shah has carried out over 50,000 successful total knee replacement operations so far.  Together with his team, they conducted a minimum of 7 such surgeries daily and about 600 monthly. Since medical tourism is flourishing in the UAE, it is necessary to get health specialists in various fields.

The Process

When you search for a surgeon near me, with the intention of getting a total knee replacement operation, you ought to know the process. The initial step involves making a laceration. The physician forms a small gush to reach the patella.

When your knee is accessible, the specialist twirls the kneecap outwards to the knee area, which enables him to inspect the area that needs surgery. The first bone that the physician reveals is the thighbone.

When the physician has accessed your knee joint, he thoroughly measures your bones and uses special instruments to make accurate cuts. The flawed tendon and bone from the back of the thigh are cut. The end of the thighbone is extracted and remodeled to fit properly on the first section of the artificial knee.

After this, the physician joins the metal part to the end of your thighbone and utilizes bone cement to seal the bones in place. The next bone that needs resurfacing is the tibia. Your physician will remove the flawed tendon and bone from the top of your shinbone and shapes it to fit perfectly on the metal or plastic component.

The Physician then implants the tibial component and secures it in place with bone cement. Before readjusting the kneecap, the doctor might flatten it to ensure the correct fit. The final step is ensuring that your knee can arc and flex, then closing the incision.

Going for surgery can be scary, especially when you are not sure about the outcome. However, the 10-minute total knee replacement procedure is different. You spend little time on the surgery table and in recovery. There is also little bleeding and less pain.

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