Surglogs Launches New Instrument Tracking System for Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities

Updated on April 12, 2022

The Sterile Processing Records module helps healthcare facilities optimize workloads and stay compliant

Surglogs, a software platform that digitizes regulatory compliance processes for healthcare organizations, has launched a new module called Sterile Processing Records that tracks sterilization loads for healthcare facilities of all types.

With this new module, sterile processing department staff can easily keep records of the sterilization and storage of all of their instruments in an easily retrievable digital format. Using Surglogs’ web platform or its Android and iOS apps, healthcare workers can now quickly save and view compliance reports for tests, indicators, and custom cycles as medical supplies pass through the sterile processing department at a hospital or ambulatory surgery center. 

The Sterile Processing Records module couples perfectly with Surglogs’ flagship module, Surgical Logs. This is especially helpful to facilities that currently have an instrument tracking solution but could use a tool to manage quality control and all audits such as tracers or tosi tests.

“Digital instrument tracking software has huge advantages over paper tracking,” said Bryan Woerner, Sterile Processing Manager from OrthoArizona. “Overall this has made the sterilization process at our facility much more seamless. Getting rid of all those paper folders frees up shelf space for more important medical supplies. Also, in the case of an infection, this digital system allows us to search through records much more quickly. It’s right at our fingertips, not at a separate off-site facility.” 

Surglogs’ Sterile Processing Records module helps ensure compliance by notifying staff if any sterilization logs fail to load properly or if preset checks are not completed. Surglogs’ solutions have helped clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars not only by optimizing staff time but also by helping clients avoid regulatory fines. Hospitals and clinics can now rest assured that their data is secured in a HIPAA-compliant cloud platform. 

Surglogs will be featuring the Sterile Processing Records module, along with the data from pilot facilities, at the HSPA Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

About Surglogs

Surglogs’ easy-to-use digital platform enables healthcare facilities to maintain health and safety compliance standards and remain survey-ready at all times. Surglogs replaces cumbersome regulatory compliance paperwork and automates clinical workflows for greater efficiency, bringing peace of mind to healthcare staff and leadership.

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