Stunning 8 advantages of biohacking

Updated on August 7, 2020

Biohacking has gained a lot of objection for being a citizen hobby or pseudo-science nonetheless, one cannot reject the advantages of biohacking. Various experiments are working steadily toward solving everyday difficulties or discovering remedies for diseases. These experiments are conducted with the larger aim of generating a post-human universe of advanced humanity, with superhuman abilities. Maybe the X-Men would someday be a human reality, till then these are some hypothesized advantages of biohacking are given below. You can learn more from Brian Johnson

3D Printing Body Parts

Researchers have found that genetically transforming a strand of bacteria leads to the creation of light-sensitive bacteria which could be utilized to print 3D images. It gives an infinite opportunity in grafting several body segments, including kidneys. This further opens the doors to the unexplored sections of skin grafting and the potential uses of artificial skin.

Glow in the Dark Plants

Biohackers in the UK are working on genetically modified plants that will glow in the dark while they sense mechanical movement. The very hackers are also working to develop plants that would glow while exposed to toxic chemicals, working as warning signals for people around them.

Correcting Deformities

The most astounding tale of a bio-hack is the tale of a color-blind musician Neil Harbisson who experienced a potentially deadly and unauthorized surgery resulting in a camera being inserted on his skull which was connected to a vibration disclosure chip near his ear. The musician can now see colors on the screen by noting the vibration of the color, at the time he is seeing it.

Understanding Evolution

Some hackers have tried to understand what portion of their DNA is connected to the DNA of the Neanderthal. These outcomes and experiments can support scientists who investigate evolution in understanding the genetic diversity over the years that began to the modern state of the homo-sapiens.

Finding Cures

Biohackers obligated to the root of the community are experimenting on genetically adjusting microbes such that they provide copious amounts of insulin, obliged by patients hurting from diabetes.

Oxygen Tanks to Crystals

In 2014, scientists in Belgium found a crystal that could extract oxygen from its surroundings, including water. Warming the crystal discharges oxygen. This construction executes the oxygen tank obsolete. These crystals can be utilized for underwater diving, by people with impaired lungs for proper lungs, without the trouble of carrying a heavy oxygen tank.

Nootropics/Brain Enhancement

The Nootropics evolution has been around since the 1960s. These medicines are chemical cocktails that are planned to improve brain activity to perform their work quicker and more efficiently. The point to be remarked here is that none of these medicines have been confirmed by concerned professionals for being secure for use. To date, no real data has developed on its long-term results and safety. Not to consider that those medicines that have been inquired and are governed also have a legal clause, making it difficult for sellers to sell them. The remedies that haven’t been examined and monitored, are apparently legal.

Night Vision

In 2015, a biohacking lab in California separated a derivative of chlorophyll, discovered in deep-sea fish, and formed an eye drop from it. This eyedrop improves a person’s night vision, enabling them to recognize people and things in the dark. The results are said of wear off in a few hours but the long-term consequences of this chemical on the human eye remain unexplained.

So as we can see, Biohacking Can be a great opportunity for us and our future generation. Brian Johnson, a renowned hard working person, did so much research on this topic. you can find it on his website. However, one thing to consider is that you have to be a very careful and futuristic minded person.

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