Secret Behind Growing Marijuana Indoor

Updated on January 20, 2021

Growing cannabis at home can be tricky, and your results may vary. Producing top-quality marijuana by yourself can be more exciting than buying an already finished product. It gives a lot more fun to watch how the weed you plant begins to grow.

You can grow the best green, fragrant, and vibrant cannabis on your own. You just have to remember that each plant needs thorough care and specific conditions for optimal growth. Growing marijuana will require a bit of patience, but you will be rewarded with the best gift at the end of the whole process – your own plant that you can show off to your friends.

It will not be surprising if this turns out to be your new hobby. Growing marijuana is an engaging and relaxing activity. To successfully grow plants, it takes a little discipline and adherence to the main principles by which weed grows the fastest and most profusely. You will have to prepare some growing space for your plant, so check the best grow tent setup from

With these practical guidelines, you will be taken on a journey to the best marijuana growing results. 

Highest-Quality Seeds

Nothing is more important than good genes. Without the best seeds, unfortunately, you will not enjoy the lush plant. The case is very simple. You cannot save on a bag of seeds because it will cost you money in the future… not counting your disappointment.

Purchase your seeds in trusted seed banks with a good reputation. Don’t plant cannabis from a “bagseed” – it’s when you get a bag of dope, and you find some seeds in it that look growable (well, they’re not). You will not get a high-quality plant because good weed starts with good genetics.

You can also pick between various cannabis strain attributes and determine how your plant will act at the very beginning. There are strains high in THC or CBD, and some are known for their taste. Choose the type you want to plant the most. As you already know, choosing the right cannabis seed bank is not an easy task; you have to invest a lot of time to find the best seed bank and then choose the right seeds!

Growing from Mother Plants

You can also take clones from a good-quality mother plant to start your journey with growing weed. In this case, choose the most vigorous female plant that will be the basis for your new mini-garden. You will recognize it by its robust, lively, and bushy appearance.

Even when purchasing seeds from the best seed bank, your plants can vary from seed to seed. When you see an adult plant, you know exactly what to expect as your limbs grow.

It would help if you took cuttings from the female in its vegetative stage. It is best to do it about 4-6 weeks after germination. 

The Right Humidity

Nothing contributes to the healthy growth of your plants as significantly as humidity. The level of CO2, light intensity or expensive nutrients will not provide you with such spectacular results as taking care of the room’s humidity level room.

Marijuana will grow well under many conditions, but to make it truly thrive, follow those points:

– Vegetative Stage – Higher Humidity

Your plants will want higher humidity while vegging. Keeping humidity high helps to reduce salt levels and creates thick and vibrant growth. 

Don’t let humidity fall below 45%. In that case, your plants can show signs of nutrient light insufficiency. If moisture gets to 25%, problems with the plant will become severe.

– Flowering – Lower Humidity

Low humidity levels are excellent for plants during flowering. Make it 45-55% to increase trichome production and reduce the risk of mold. To get crystals on your buds, use a dehumidifier and reduce humidity to 20% during the last two weeks of flowering.

Optimal Temperature

For growing marijuana, you have to maintain the optimal temperature. Unfortunately, any deviation from the correct level can badly affect your plants.

Make sure the temperature is at the right level during the different stages of the plant’s development:

– Vegetative temperature: 70-85°F

– Flowering temperature: 80°F, but decrease it at night to 70°F (do it in order to mimic nature and increase resin and terpene production.

– If you live in a hot climate, turn your lights on at nighttime to avoid overheating of plants


There are a few things to remember when growing marijuana indoors, but in addition to the already mentioned practical tips, bear in mind that there are also some other things you should consider. Choose a strain adapted to your grow room conditions and the space you can devote to the plant. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to keep it healthy from the very beginning. 

Also, choose a strain you enjoy smoking. Why? It is crucial for your motivation, because sometimes you will have to spend a lot of time caring for the plant, and only then will you do it with pleasure. Okay, now you know basically everything, so you can roll up your sleeves and start growing your marijuana!

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