Defining the Opportunity Window for Managing Blood Glucose Levels in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients – And How to Meet It

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By Jordan Messler  Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, government agencies warned that individuals living with diabetes are at an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Scientific reports, like the analysis my organization Glytec published in April, have measured the outcomes of hospitalized COVID-19 patients with diabetes or patients experiencing hyperglycemia throughout their … Read more

How to choose a blood glucose monitor

If you suffer from diabetes, you’re likely aware of the importance of keeping your blood glucose levels within a specified range. However, choosing a device to monitor your levels can be a bit of a minefield to navigate. With so many blood glucose monitors on the market – each spruiking a range of benefits – … Read more

Sugar-Coated Society: Examining the Impact of Lifestyle on Blood Sugar Levels

1. Understanding Blood Sugar Dynamics Blood sugar, scientifically known as glucose, serves as the primary energy source for the body’s cells. The regulation of blood sugar levels is a critical physiological process, crucial for maintaining overall health. The body’s ability to manage these levels depends largely on the hormone insulin, which facilitates the movement of … Read more

GlucoTrust Review: 5 Benefits to Buying This Blood Sugar Supplement

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Globally, diabetes rates are rising in parallel with increasing obesity rates. Many people living with diabetes will try different solutions to manage blood sugar levels, which can help to maintain optimal glucose levels. One of those solutions is blood sugar-lowering supplements that promise to decrease high glucose and blood sugar levels and promote cellular repair. … Read more

7 Common Myths About Blood Sugar Supplements

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Blood sugar management has surged to the forefront of health discussions worldwide in recent years. This growing focus isn’t surprising; with the escalating prevalence of conditions like diabetes, prediabetes, and other metabolic disorders, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is paramount for overall well-being and disease prevention. Moreover, with this heightened attention, the market has been … Read more