Reasons You Need to Drink Filtered Water

Updated on June 19, 2020

Every day you assume that the water you drink is safe, which isn’t such a good thing. Natural water resources are constantly changing, thanks to pollution and climate changes. Therefore, they cannot sustain the ever-growing population. Although the government should ensure that everyone has access to safe drinking water, it can only do much. That is why we should make an effort to purify water by installing filters.

1.      You will save money

For example, if you happen to install any machine to help in water filtering, Fleck’s 5600 SXT is a great choice, reason being you won’t have to buy bottled water. Forget the expense and inconveniences of having to buy water every time you feel thirsty. You will have an unlimited supply of quality water right from the tap.

2.      Filtering removes chlorine

Chlorine helps in keeping swimming pool water clean, but nobody wants to drink and wash with it daily. Chlorine mixes with water to form acids, which are known to corrode or damage human cells. When you swallow chlorinated water or if it comes into contact with your skin for a prolonged period, you may suffer adverse effects.

3.      Water is vital for human survival

When you filter your household water, you are assured of a constant supply of healthy drinking water. That’s better than drinking dirty tap water or buying bottled water all the time. Even if your municipality treats water, it might still contain some contaminants. Only water filtration can eliminate all harmful substances.

4.      Minimize your carbon footprint

The energy costs associated with the production and use of plastics that are used to bottle water are high. Bottled water is not only pricey for the buyer, but it also fills landfills and increases the production of greenhouse gasses. Therefore, filtering water will help to lower carbon footprint because you won’t have to buy bottled water.

5.      Likely to reduce cancer risks

Filtration removes chlorine and its byproducts, which increase the risk of getting cancer. Therefore, your family will be protected from common cancers like rectal, bladder, breast, colon, and many more.

6.      Improve gastrointestinal health

You are more protected against gastrointestinal diseases because filtering water eliminates bacteria and fungus that stay inside water. Some illnesses like amoeba and bilharzia can be averted by drinking safe water. Also, the digestive tract requires lots of water to prevent constipation, remove waste, and prevent indigestion.  

7.      Prolong the longevity of your home appliances

When you eliminate limescale buildup by using filtered water, your appliances will last longer. Your water heaters, dishwasher, and washing machine will outlive the warranty period. Also, filtering removes minerals, which means that your sinks and bathtubs won’t have dirt spots.

8.      Filtered water tastes good

If you have ever tasted filtered water, you know the difference. There are no chemicals and dirt substances in the water, which makes it sweet. Even the smell is different.

9.      Improves health and reduces stress

Since filtered water has a great taste, you will have an easy time drinking the recommended eight glasses per day. In case you participate in vigorous exercises or live in a hot climate, you need about ten glasses of water daily. Also, water helps to reduce stress. When you stay hydrated, you will be in a better position to handle life’s stressors.

10.  Minimize energy and maintenance expenses

You will reduce plumbing maintenance and repair costs when you use filtered water. Minerals, heavy metals, and chemicals that are in regular tap water may harm your plumbing system. It’s easier to maintain a functioning plumbing system when water is free of these contaminants.

The importance of taking enough water can never be overemphasized. Water filtration systems ensure that you have a sufficient supply of healthy, safe drinking water at your convenience.

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