Read This To Know The Early Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer & The Way Forward

Updated on April 28, 2021

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. In some cases, even men can suffer from breast cancer. However, it is a rare event. Typically, the cancer forms either in the breast’s ducts or its lobules. Lobules happen to be the milk-producing glands in the breast, whereas ducts can be termed as the pathways bringing the milk from the glands to the nipple. Breast cancer may as well develop in the fibrous connective tissue or fatty tissue within your breast.

Various changes in the shape or the appearance of your breasts may signal you towards breast cancer. Hence, it is essential to educate yourself on the subject to figure out the problem at the right time and then treat it as soon as possible. The Chrysalis Initiative aims to impart knowledge and information about breast cancer and offers training about all its aspects. 

Early Warning signs suggesting the development of breast cancer:

Awareness is the first step you can take to diagnose and cure breast cancer. Being vigilant may educate you about the occurrence of breast cancer. Here are some early signs that suggest you might have developed breast cancer: 

Lump in the breast or underarm: 

If you’ve been noticing a persistent lump on your breast or underarm, do not overlook the problem. In many cases, this is the first symptom of cancer. Get in touch with a doctor, and they will see it on a mammogram to diagnose the problem. 

Swelling in the armpit: 

Swelling in the armpit is considered another common sign of cancer. It directs that breast cancer has made its way to the lymph nodes in that specific region. This swelling can develop near your collarbone as well and can be painful. 

Pain and tenderness: 

Not all kinds of pain or tenderness signal the development of breast cancer. But if the pain gives a prickly feeling and is followed by the development of a lump, see a doctor immediately. 

The indented area on the breast: 

An indented area on the breast can happen as a result of the tumor that is neither visible nor can be felt in the initial days. Alongside this, the change in your breast’s size, texture, contour, or temperature also suggests that something is problematic with the health of your breasts. 

Changes in the nipple: 

You may experience changes in the nipple such as nipple pulled inward, dimple on the nipple, constant itching, burn, or sore nipple. At the same time, an unusual discharge from the nipple that is bloody or clear also calls for an immediate appointment with your doctor. 

What to do if you have symptoms? 

If you notice any of the above-listed signs or symptoms, you must see your doctor at the earliest. A change in your breast without a clear cause affecting only one breast can be a little problematic for your health. Your doctor will perform screening and diagnose the problem. 

Women between 40-49 years of age should not miss having a routine mammogram. Women over 49 years of age should undergo a mammogram every two years. You can further stop its screening after 75 years of age. 

There are multiple types of breast cancer. Your doctor will be able to diagnose the one you have only after testing you. 


The advancement in science and technology has made breast cancer a curable problem. Today, many treatment options are available all around the world. If you have been diagnosed with this cancer at an early stage, there is a 99 percent chance of living for another five years. Always keep yourself informed and educated about the problem. Read more articles, join initiatives, have discussions, and consult your doctor as early as possible. 

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