Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Mesothelioma

Updated on January 22, 2022
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Mesothelioma is a terrible disease that affects the most vulnerable population. It’s not diagnosed early enough for treatment, so sufferers wait in pain with little hope of recovery. However, like most diseases, there are ways to prevent mesothelioma. The prevention itself requires you to be vigilant and attentive to your chances of getting mesothelioma. Since asbestos exposure is one of the leading causes of mesothelioma, you must educate yourself about it. Awareness, prevention, and attention are all that it takes to prevent mesothelioma. So to help you live a healthy life, here are some precautions you can take to avoid contracting mesothelioma:

  1. Get Your Property Checked

By any chance, if you inherited or live in an older property, the chances of asbestos being present around is high. It is good to hire an expert and get your property checked in such cases. Asbestos is commonly found under vinyl flooring and between insulations. A professional can check the levels of asbestos in your house and inform you about the severity. If there is too much asbestos in your home, you may need to call a cleaner to take care of it. If you continue living with the asbestos, you may contract and make yourself vulnerable to mesothelioma a few years down the road. 

  1. Don’t Attempt DIY Projects At Home

If your house is old, you need to hire help to renovate. If you try going for DIY projects, the chances of you disturbing asbestos are high, as you may scrape a structure that has too many asbestos fibers. So before you start any renovation project, get a professional to do it for you instead. DIY projects are suitable for modern houses and houses built after the 1980s. It takes a momentary lapse in judgment, and that is enough to expose the asbestos in your place. 

  1. Practice OSHA Methods At Work

If you work for a construction company or asbestos products, you need to practice safety. Don’t jeopardize your health by recklessly putting yourself in front of asbestos products. It would help if you actively communicated with your manager to establish safety protocols in place. If your manager chooses to forego these safety measures, you can turn to the legal system for help. Safety also includes getting protective gear at work and disposing of them once the job is over. Don’t attempt to lift or work with products without protective equipment and use your bare hands. 

  1. Get Screened Regularly

Family history and genetics also contribute to the array of diseases you can end up having. If your family is known to have mesothelioma, you should stay on top of your health. You may be able to avoid mesothelioma through your mid-twenties. Still, your body may not protect you well as you get older. Going for regular screenings may help you and your doctor gauge your health parameters properly. If your doctor detects early signs of cancer, they can help you immediately. The more you delay getting screened and checked, the harder it will become for you to prevent cancer. 

  1. Get A Mesothelioma Blood Test

Some hospitals offer blood tests specific to diseases. While every hospital may not carry the necessary kit for testing mesothelioma, it’s a good idea to ask your doctor. You can also encourage your family to get tested if you’re aware that you’re living on an old property or have a family history rich in mesothelioma. Learning that you have mesothelioma can help your doctor prescribe a proper treatment route for you. This can include early surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. You also prevent your and your family’s chances of seeking late-stage treatment. 

  1. Don’t Hesitate With Treatments 

There is a stigma surrounding cancer. Some patients react horribly to the news of getting cancer that they may skip treatment. Suppose you learn that you’re showing signs of having mesothelioma. It would help if you got treated right away. Don’t opt for homeopathy remedies or alternative approaches to medicine if you have viable options available. If your doctor recommends you opt for surgery, you should go for it. The sooner you get treated, the easier it is for you to recover. Delaying not only makes it harder to get treated but will also financially burden you with medical bills. 

  1. Modify Your Diet

Diet plays a significant role in our health. What we eat determines what course our health will take. If you choose greasy meals and offer no nutritional value, it will poorly reflect your health. A healthy body and mind need a proper diet. It will help if you mind what you’re cooking and how much you’re eating. If you feel you’re not eating correctly, you should consult a nutritionist and get a proper diet plan. Ensure that you’re going easy on alcohol, smoking, and using drugs recreationally along with your diet. Unless you have a good lifestyle, it’s easy for your body to stagger under the weight of your choices.

  1. Exercise and Monitor Your Health With Your Doctor

If you’re trying to fight the risk of getting mesothelioma, you should exercise more. While you exercise, make sure you get a routine check-up with your doctor. You want to ensure that the exercises you’re doing are helping you. A doctor can inform you about your blood pressure, cholesterol level, and muscle density. These are important if you wish to continue living a healthy and fulfilling life. 

Wrap Up

Mesothelioma is painful and can wreak havoc on your system with a small window of treatment. If you wish to live a life free of mesothelioma, there are specific measures you can practice. Start by getting your property checked and ensuring only a professional clears all possible signs of asbestos from your house. You should practice OSHA methods at work and ensure your company follows all the necessary guidelines. When it comes to your health, make sure you get screened, tested, and treated right away. Don’t forget to mind your diet and exercise to make sure you cover all the bases of healthy living.

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