Physical Therapy Devices To Add to Your Clinic

Updated on January 19, 2023
Physical Therapy Devices To Add to Your Clinic

In recent years, there have been incredible innovations in the physical therapy field. Each year, we see new advancements and technologies emerge, all to benefit our patients. Here are a few of these physical therapy devices that you should consider adding to your clinic.

The MusicGlove

The MusicGlove is just one example of the recent trend of gamification within the physical therapy field. This Guitar Hero–style game helps patients regain hand function after a neurological injury, such as a stroke or traumatic brain injury.

This interactive musical game is fun for patients and can improve hand function in as little as two weeks. It’s so immersive, many patients even forget they’re doing physical therapy!

The AlterG

The AlterG is an anti-gravity treadmill that allows patients to exercise and regain their range of motion in a low-impact environment. The treadmill supports the patient’s body, taking their body weight down to as little as 20 percent of their total mass. This allows for less resistance and painless movement. Furthermore, unlike hydrotherapy, this system allows for normal balance and gait.

The MiraColt

Hippotherapy has countless benefits for patients, but it can be inaccessible to many due to the difficulty of finding a center that provides it. However, the MiraColt allows any physical therapy clinic to provide hippotherapy in their office.

The Miracolt benefits patients with cerebral palsy, autism, parkinsonism, and the aftereffects of a stroke. The rhythmic motion helps patients with breath control, balance, and gait. The MiraColt is easy to operate and maintain, essentially allowing clinics all the benefits of hippotherapy with none of the hassle of housing an actual horse!

It’s truly inspiring to see the progress that the physical therapy industry has made when it comes to patient care. Adding these devices to your clinic will allow you to offer more services and better care for your patients. We look forward to watching the brilliant minds in this field continue to advance patient care.