Osimis Spearheads the 2023 Medical Imaging Revolution With New Best-Of-Breed AI Platform Partners

Updated on February 7, 2023

Osimis welcomes such reputed AI market players as contextflow, Lunit, Milvue, Pixyl, and Therapixel

Osimis, a leading AI platform solution provider for healthcare professionals, today announces it welcomes 5 new qualified partners to its AI platform solution, which originally consisted of the Gleamer and Icometrix solutions. The expansion of the partner platform portfolio follows the growth of the company’s customer base, having onboarded 12 new hospitals in 4 countries across 2 continents in the second half of 2022.

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Osimis Board of Directors with observers and management. From left to right: Jacques GALLOY, Chairman of the Board, Marleen LIMBOURG (Noshaq), Sergey MOROZOV (CIO), Peter MOREL (CEO), Gauthier PHILIPPART (Trasis), Catherine CEULEMANS, Sébastien ASSOUAD (WSL), Géry LEFEVRE (SRIW-WING), Frédéric LAMBRECHTS (CBDO), Michel LEBRUN (BeAngels).

Seizing the market’s momentum

Pressure on radiologists has never been higher. With an average 10% annual increase in medical imaging exams, stagnating reimbursement rates, a growing shortage of staff, and a quadrupling of workload, hospitals and radiologists experience a high need for tools to ensure timely and qualitative patient care. The precise analysis and consistent reliability of an AI platform can help radiologists reduce overall diagnostic error rates while delivering a clear ROI.

Osimis has a unique position in the AI medical imaging domain because it combines proven technology, customer focus, and a community think tank for improved diagnosis and follow-up aimed at better healthcare. Osimis is one of the original co-creators of Orthanc, the free and open-source software that provides a simple, yet powerful DICOM server. The company has leveraged its technical expertise into commercialising a qualitative and reliable solution that clearly answers an undeniable market need. By nurturing a viable AI platform and community for the sector, Osimis aims to curate AI vendors while continuously leveraging new expertise into its framework.

Recent partner additions to the platform include:

  • contextflow – chest computed tomography (CT) expertise
  • Lunit – AI solutions for mammography and chest x-ray
  • Milvue – a companion for scheduled and emergency radiographs
  • Pixyl – advanced AI tech for neuroimaging 
  • Therapixel – MammoScreen® for 2D and 3D mammography screening

Frédéric Lambrechts, Business Developer Manager at Osimis, comments on the Osimis partner expansion: “Our AI platform continues to grow and evolve, and the introduction of our new AI application partners to the fold shows our vision and approach are gaining traction. Our solution is designed to tailor the offering to the client’s needs to create a more empowering experience for radiologists and secure better patient care for all.”

A proven trajectory, with no less than 12 major hospitals in 4 different countries across 2 continents signing up for the Osimis platform in 2022. 

Dr. Bruno De Peuter, Radiologist at the Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (ZOL Genk) in Belgium, attests: “We turned to AI to help us improve our medical imaging processing workflow while continuing to provide better care for our patients. We chose the Osimis AI platform because it offered a structured and efficient approach for the long term. The Osimis team accurately evaluated our specific use case, delivered a spot-on selection of pre-built vendor products, and swiftly implemented their solution into our process so we could hit the ground running.” 

Dr. Martin Liebl, radiologist at Hôpitaux Robert Schuman in Luxembourg, confirms: “We have been testing and implementing modern, deep learning-based AI tools since 2019, going beyond the traditional computer-assisted diagnosis (CAD) used for decades in mammography. In partnership with Osimis, we now efficiently and securely integrate these tools into our daily workflow. Ensuring the security and privacy of patient data is of the utmost importance to us, and we trust the GDPR-compliant anonymisation services provided by Osimis. Their team recently helped us integrate reputable AI providers and streamlined the invoicing process through their one-desk policy. This has greatly simplified the process of getting these new AI tools up and running. Our entire radiology department is excited to see the benefits these new AI tools will bring to our patients and our goal to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in our field.”

The future and growth of AI partner platforms

The Osimis team has participated in key radiology events throughout 2022, such as ECR 2022, JFR 2022 and the EuSoMII Annual Meeting, with Sergey Morozov, CIO at Osimis, evangelising that AI works best when it is not a one-trick, standalone, ad-hoc problem-solving solution: “When integrated properly into a clinical setting and complemented with the right tools and expertise, an AI platform will solve problems today while proactively preparing for those challenges ahead. The Osimis Gateway continuously and persistently delivers on its brand promise of offering its users the smart integration, quality, reliability, and sustainability they need to realise their goals. I’m confident the new AI partners will be the first trailblazers of many more. Our growing customer base clearly illustrates that now is the time to leverage the efficiency and optimisation AI automation delivers in the long term to healthcare settings everywhere.”

The latest investment round in 2021 and the 2022 appointments of Peter Morel as CEO and Sergey Morozov as CIO, have since boosted the Osimis market penetration. The company is currently extending its prominent place in the medical imaging field. “We have proven that our unique offering addresses an increasing need in the healthcare market”, says Osimis CEO Peter Morel. “Our growth is a reflection not only of our commitment to building a thriving and rewarding community but of the market recognising the unique value Osimis brings to the table as we support radiologists in hospitals and clinical practices worldwide. Our team, board, and investors are on a mission to accelerate the expansion of AI solutions in hospitals and clinical practices in the European markets and beyond. We have a firm investment strategy in place to boost our scaling plans for 2023-2027.”

About Osimis

Osimis is a pioneer in the field of medical imaging software solutions, associated solutions and related services aimed at enabling interoperability between players in the clinical and medical research fields. Incubated by WSL and located in Liège (Belgium), the company was created following the worldwide success of Orthanc. It now employs 15 people and services customers in 4 countries and 2 continents. Osimis has developed a medical imaging AI integration platform, offering hospitals a single integration technology touchpoint for multiple AI vendors (including no less than 6 of the radiology market’s top performers). The solution also delivers a deep and seamless integration into existing workflows to maximise patients’ outcomes and optimise hospitals’ return on AI investments. 

More information about the company at https://osimis.io.

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