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Octave Commercially Launches a First-in-Class Precision Care Solution for Multiple Sclerosis

Octave, a leading digital health sciences company that delivers a new standard for managing multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurodegenerative diseases, today announced that its precision care solution for MS is now commercially available. Octave’s Solution introduces quantitative, objective measures to help transform care from a field driven by subjective, qualitative metrics. Through its multidimensional approach, the solution provides deeper insights into individual patients’ underlying biology, radiographic status, and ongoing symptomology. By creating and delivering novel tools and services, Octave provides actionable insights about patients that can lead to better outcomes.

“We are thrilled to be offering the MS community our Precision Care Solution, for which we have completed validation studies and continue to advance,” said William Hagstrom, Founder and CEO of Octave. “The solution addresses the challenges associated with disease at both a patient and a population level, moving from a subjective, reactive mode to a more quantitative, proactive world which facilitates informed, insightful care. We believe that better measurement leads to better management decisions that can profoundly impact care delivery and outcomes.”

Currently, the Octave Solution is being used in multiple MS centers of excellence, including the Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND), the Center for Neurology & Spine/MS Center of Arizona, USA Health, The MS Center for Innovations in Care at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, North Central Neurology Associates, and the Hoag Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute. Additionally, the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Clinic has been partnering with Octave as a beta site.

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“The level of innovation achieved by Octave and its research partners is unmatched in the MS space,” said Martin Belkin, DO, Physician and Medical Director of the MS Center at MIND. “The Precision Care Solution provides those of us who have been working to treat this disease with more comprehensive and scientific tools and information than we have seen to date. We are now able to address many unmet needs these patients have faced with insights more powerful and holistic than ever before.”

Octave’s Precision Care Solution provides a quantitative, objective measurement system designed to expand clinical insights in neurodegenerative disease, beginning with MS. It is comprised of three dimensions to better understand a patient’s biology, radiographic status, and symptomology:

  • The first and only MS-specific multivariate blood test that measures 18 biomarkers, revealing underlying activated pathways and mechanisms that allows for accurate measurement of the patient’s disease activity.
  • An MS-specific MRI protocol that combines human expertise with innovative imaging technology and provides robust, intuitive, and clinically relevant insights in a personalized report, tracking a patient over time. 
  • A multi-faceted program that provides continuous patient care between office visits through an app, tracking their health and providing support with Octave’s MS certified nurse care partners.

All of this data is integrated and will be used to track patients in care pathways, develop decision support tools, and feed into dashboards for ease of use, also providing individual and population level views to facilitate better stratification and contextual interventions.

“The tools currently available to assess MS patients are subjective, qualitative, and inadequate to meet the complexities of managing a heterogeneous patient population in a continuously evolving therapeutic landscape – something our early partners have worked to overcome for years,” said Maital Rasmussen, Chief Commercial Officer of Octave. “We are extremely proud to be collaborating and partnering with a network of leading centers across the U.S. to deliver a comprehensive solution that better serves their patients and brings precision care to MS.”

“Despite major advances in MS treatment over the past two decades, neurologists like myself need more sophisticated tools in the clinic to assess for predictors of disease worsening,” said Barry Singer, MD, Director of The MS Center for Innovations in Missouri Baptist Medical Center. “Octave’s cutting-edge toolkit, including their validated blood biomarker panel and brain volume measurements, allows clinicians to improve monitoring and care of their MS patients in a more comprehensive way than we have been able to previously.”

Octave has presented multiple sets of validation data on the components of the solution at major global neurology conferences, including ACTRIMS, CMSC, and ECTRIMS. In particular, clinical results presented to date show that the MSDA multivariate blood test component is highly associated with multiple disease activity endpoints, and is significantly superior to the top performing univariate biomarker. Analytical studies demonstrate scores that are accurate, robust, and stable for sample processing and storage expected in real world conditions. Further, studies have shown the MSDA has the potential to serve as a quantitative tool to evaluate not only individual patients, but also to effectively monitor the overall level of disease activity within a clinic’s entire population.

Additionally, the company has presented data related to the imaging component of the solution that aims to create a single metric to quantify image quality differences to aid atrophy measurements, successfully creating a single measure to quantify image quality differences over time.

With the launch of its solution, Octave is actively engaged with expanding physician partnerships as well as providing its precision care capabilities to address the challenges, issues, and unmet needs throughout the MS ecosystem including pharmaceutical companies and health plans. The company is also committed to building collaborations and partnerships over time in a broad range of neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

About Octave

Octave was founded to deliver a precision care solution for multiple sclerosis as well as a full range of neurodegenerative diseases. Its comprehensive insights provide neurologists and their patients with objective metrics to facilitate informed care and shared decision making for better patient outcomes.

Octave’s Precision Care Solution is the first-of-its-kind that accurately and objectively measures, and helps manage, complex and high-cost neurodegenerative diseases, starting with multiple sclerosis. Octave developed the first and only multivariate blood test to measure MS disease activity, enhanced MRI analytics and protocols, and a digital clinical program with Octave MS care partners to provide continuity of care. 

Provider: The solution provides neurologists with a longitudinal and holistic perspective of the patient along with comprehensive and actionable insights, enabling more confident and informed care decisions.

Payer: The integrated and multi-dimensional approach allows payers to reduce total cost of care by optimizing healthcare medications and utilization (hospitalizations, ER visits, MRIs, labs). 

Pharma: Octave enables pharma to optimize the entire lifecycle of drug discovery & development as well as clinical trials and post marketing with real world evidence.  

Through purposeful problem solving and innovative technologies, Octave’s platform generates, analyzes and combines data to create a new paradigm of MS care, leading to improved patient outcomes.

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