Marin Cancer Care and House Rx Partner for Collaborative Care Delivery

Updated on April 21, 2023

House Rx empowers Marin Cancer Care to extend personalized and affordable point-of-care medicine dispensing to its patient population 

House Rx and Marin Cancer Care  today announced a partnership to bring House Rx’s point-of-care specialty medicine dispensing into Marin Cancer Care’s care delivery model. Called ‘medically integrated dispensing,’ the approach allows Marin Cancer Care to draw on both clinical and pharmacy expertise to dispense specialty medicine on-site. Working under Marin Cancer Care physicians, House Rx pharmacists will support Marin Cancer Care in ensuring timely, safe and affordable access to specialty medications for their patients.

Patients navigating a cancer care journey often require access to complex drugs called specialty medication. Difficult to handle and administer, specialty medications are typically only available through a separate pharmacy system known as specialty pharmacy. Specialty pharmacy is notorious for being hard to navigate and even obstructing physicians and pharmacists from delivering personalized and patient-centered care. In its worst instances, patients are unable to get their therapies covered by their insurance or start their therapies on time. Any delay in starting therapy risks derailing a patient’s entire treatment plan.

House Rx’s medically integrated dispensing model reduces reliance on conventional specialty pharmacies by bringing cancer therapies and specialty pharmacists into Marin Cancer Care as part of its care team. While Marin Cancer Care has always offered the convenience and expertise of on-site intravenous and injectable medications, its partnership with House Rx now supports on-site dispensing of oral medications to assure patients’ timely access to their full course of treatment. This new service offers additional convenience to patients and gives physicians the proper oversight of the timing and adherence to complex treatment plans.

Marin Cancer Care physicians will work as one team with House Rx pharmacists and care coordinators. House Rx’s sophisticated pharmacy technology allows Marin Cancer Care’s clinical staff and House Rx’s pharmacists to validate prescriptions, run drug utilization reviews, obtain prior authorizations, file claims, set up financial assistance and more. This full-service offering brings the entire cycle of specialty care delivery, from prescribing, to monitoring, to dosage adjustment and management, into Marin Cancer Care’s direct oversight, with a goal of improving patient care and outcomes.

“We’re committed to offering our patients the most advanced and personalized cancer treatments, and that doesn’t stop at prescribing,” said Joel Criste, CEO of Marin Cancer Care. “Our partnership with House Rx ensures that our patient care teams, including physicians and pharmacists, can work hand-in-hand to quickly, safely and affordably move our patients onto the most promising and effective therapies.” 

“Marin Cancer Care is the latest specialty care clinic to embrace medically integrated dispensing powered by our services and modern technology,” said Tesh Khullar, President and Co-Founder of House Rx. “We look forward to supporting Marin Cancer Care in their vision to deliver compassionate and personalized care.” 

House Rx currently serves more than 200 providers across California, Washington, Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Oregon, Florida, Kentucky and Tennessee.

About House Rx

House Rx is a healthcare technology and services company focused on making specialty medication more accessible and affordable. The company partners with specialty clinics across the country to help community clinics offer medically integrated dispensing, bringing together clinical and pharmacist expertise to better serve patients, lower the cost of care, and create a better experience for patients and their caregivers. Learn more at

About Marin Cancer Care

Marin Cancer Care was founded in 1978 with the vision of creating a small, integrated center where every decision and every treatment plan was focused on the patient. In addition to offering the latest science and medicine, Marin Cancer Care’s goal was to help patients understand their options so they could make the best decisions for themselves. Over the years, Marin Cancer Care has evolved, but our patient-centered focus remains. Today, Marin Cancer Care is regarded as one of the country’s leading cancer care centers and a model of operational and clinical excellence. Visit us at

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