Make Your House More Valuable for You and Potential Buyers

Updated on August 26, 2023

When you buy your first home, you don’t automatically think about reselling it later on, and that’s ok. Some people enjoy the idea of staying in their first home forever, and maybe even turning it into a multi-generational family home for their children and their children’s children to live in. Others, on the other hand, prefer buying a house, fixing it up, and reselling it at higher values later on to obtain a better property.

Either way, there are tons of ways to improve your property, if not for better quality-of-living, then for better market value. However, for us, upping your house’s value involves just three different mindsets:

Curb Impressions Last

Whether we’re conscious about it or not, curb appeal is one of the first things a potential home buyer is going to notice about a property. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the house is, if the curb is ugly and ill-maintained, the chances of it selling at an appreciated price are very, very slim. After all, no one wants to move to a beautiful house with an ugly lawn.

But even if you’ve decided to make your property your homestead, maintaining excellent curb appeal is still something you should think about. After all, a lawn’s appearance speaks volumes about the people living in that house. Keep your grass cut regularly, maintain hedges and keep them trimmed, and update fences to be both aesthetically pleasing while still keeping a semblance of security. Be updated with your HOA’s guidelines on curb maintenance and follow it to the letter. Yes, it keeps you neat, but it also makes you a good neighbor.

Upgrade the Living Room

In most houses, the living room is going to be one of the first things people see, so you, your family, visitors, and potential homebuyers must step into a space that is neat, comfortable, and cozy. Whether you live in a modest house or a McMansion, keep your living room as organized as possible. Keep physical and visual clutter to a minimum, and try to match your furniture with the walls and match the carpet with the drapes.

But if you want to spruce up your living room, consider building add-ons like side counters or a fireplace, if not to make it cozier, then to add dollar value. Take note, however, that the add-ons should be appropriate. Installing outdoor fireplaces, for example, makes sense, but doing the same for a beach house in Miami might not. Any add-ons and upgrades should still be practical and classy.

Modernize the Kitchen and Bathrooms

Talk to any real estate agent, and they’ll tell you that the two most important rooms in any home are the kitchen and the bathrooms. And it makes sense: the kitchen is the social center of any home where people spend the majority of their time interacting with either family or guests. Meanwhile, bathrooms, by necessity, need to be comfortable and clean because that’s where people do their hygiene business.

A modern kitchen requires the right appliances (install smart devices if you can and connect them to your home Wi-Fi) and convenient add-ons like an island in the middle where people can either use as a breakfast table or as a food prep station, or a semi-separate breakfast nook for more intimate gatherings. Meanwhile, bathrooms should have clean (or brand new) faucets and sinks, and the tiles must be both easy-to-clean and impressive to look at.

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