Low Nitric Oxide; How To Recognize It.

Updated on December 1, 2022
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Nitric oxide is a gas that is naturally produced by the body and is an important aspect of staying healthy.  It is essential for staying healthy because it allows blood, oxygen, and other nutrients to move to every part of the body effectively. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator which means it relaxes the arteries and allows oxygen into your tissues. Causing them to widen and increase blood circulation and also lowers blood pressure. It is a known fact that high blood pressure is not a good condition to have since it is known to increase your risk of different health issues like stroke, heart failure, kidney diseases, and the like. Nitric oxide can reduce the risk of chronic diseases in the body and this is why you need to be able to recognize when your nitric oxide level is low.

Low nitric oxide production results in high blood pressure and this is the reason why Nitric Oxide is considered the most important particle for a healthy blood vessel. Low nitric oxide is very common and in fact, the ability of our body to produce nitric oxide reduces naturally as we grow old. So, it is important to be able to recognize when nitric oxide level is low.  Low nitric oxide can cause a decrease in blood flow. If the body is starved of oxygen and nutrients, they become dysfunctional. 

Here Are A Few Symptoms To Help You Recognize Low Nitric Oxide


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When the body is stressed, the heart rate increases and this makes it difficult for the body to perform well. The more stressed the body is, the more the body becomes worn down and blood pressure begins to rise. Chronic stress might be a sign that your nitric oxide levels are low.  Indeed, we can’t control everything in life but we should at least be able to control how we respond to stressful situations. If you discover that you are experiencing stress whether regularly or occasionally, you can take action to increase your nitric oxide level by getting enough exercise, practicing some breathing techniques, and meditating.

Poor Vision

This is one of the symptoms of low nitric oxide. It is called intraocular pressure. Nitric oxide is a process that helps regulate intraocular pressure. The fluid situated at the front of our eyes regulates the increase or decrease of intraocular pressure. The regular flow of this fluid is determined by the nitric oxide which carries the fluid exactly where it needs to go. Now if your nitric oxide level is low, those fluids might not drain normally which builds pressure up in the eye resulting in poor vision.

Increase In Body Heat

If your body is a bit heavy and you feel uncomfortable that you just can’t move, it might be a sign of a low nitric oxide level. If your nitric levels are low, it can cause your baseline temperature to rise thereby resulting in an increase in body heat and a decrease in movement. When your body isn’t getting enough oxygen and your blood flow is not regulating normally, it can lead to pro-inflammatory cells being built up in the body. To know if your nitric oxide level is low, check for signs of body heat and body movement.


Your energy can be low for many reasons and can keep you from getting productive. This is also related to low nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide helps in circulating nutrients and oxygen throughout the body as well as the brain. When you are feeling drowsy too often, especially during work hours, consider boosting your nitric oxide levels. You can do some dieting and exercise to boost your low nitric oxide level.

It is true that working out in your twenties and working out in your fifties is naturally different. However, there is one common factor and that is the time it takes for your muscle to recover. Low nitric oxide decreases the body’s ability to regulate nutrients to sore areas. If you discover that your body takes longer to recover after a workout session, this is a sign that your nitric oxide level is low.

Loss Of Memory

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Nitric oxide is an unusual neurotransmitter that gives rise to learning and memory, it allows the blood to flow normally to the brain. If your nitric oxide level is low, it can lead to vascular dementia which is a term used in describing challenges with reasoning and other thought processes caused by brain damage which is a result of low blood flow to your brain. You can develop vascular dementia if the artery to your brain is blocked and this happens when your nitric oxide level is low.

Nitric oxide plays an important role in your body system. If the ability of the body to generate its nitric oxide is affected, it leads to heart disease and other chronic diseases.

Low nitric levels cause the body a lot of harm ranging from high blood pressure leading to heart attack, depression, loss of sight, loss of memory, and the like. Recognizing the signs of a low nitric level can help curb these chronic diseases and help your body function normally.

Low nitric oxide levels deprive the body of enough oxygen during exercise or during stress which leads to conditions like abnormal breathing leading to chest pain. 


Low nitric oxide can be correlated with erectile dysfunction. For both males and females, healthy sexual response requires the relaxation of the body tissues for blood to circulate well and if the nitric level is low, there won’t be enough nutrients to circulate in the body which can result in a low sex response from both parties. 

Low nitric oxide symptoms are quite easy to overlook if you have little or no idea about it. But now that you have gone through this article, you now know the signs. You can always listen to your body’s call for nutrients and increase your nitric oxide level whenever it is necessary.

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